Expanding Its Presence In Europe

The strategic consultancy of DEGW opens new Office in Poland Munich DEGW, February 17 -, worldwide one of the leading consulting firms in the area of workplace and corporate is expanding its presence in Europe real estate strategy. With the establishment of the new DEGW, in particular the commitment in Eastern Europe should further offices at the site of Warsaw, which was opened in early February, more, opened up new fields of business, as well as existing local customers are successfully supported. DEGW operates global strategies now almost 40 years of experience in the individual development of real estate and has offices in the most important European core markets like England, Benelux, Spain, France and Italy. The location Germany out is DEGW active for years in Eastern Europe and serves many local international companies. Claudia Hamm Bastow, head of DEGW global, prides itself on sustainable growth and is pleased about the opening of the new site: DEGW is the presence in Poland right step: with our office in Warsaw we establish ourselves permanently as a fixed size for customers in Eastern Europe. Already now, we advise many of the big players in the financial and technology industries, as well as in pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods in the development of promising workplace concepts and implement them across national borders across at a variety of locations. With a permanent presence we can serve in the future even more intensively our international customers in the region.” The expansion into the Polish market is part of a long-term growth plan.

Just in terms of the merger carried out by end of 2011 with AECOM, it was an important goal, to take advantage of existing infrastructure and expertise of the two companies and to expand its service portfolio. This allows challenges global and local customer business is continually changing an optimum adaptation and makes the strong partner for end-to-end DEGW consulting in Europe as a whole. Bogusz Parzyszek, founder of the Polish magazine OFFICE and Director added the new Office in Warsaw: straight in the Eastern European countries back more and more in people’s awareness of the issues surrounding the sustainable development of future-oriented workplace concepts. “So there is no better time to strengthen our commitment in Poland and our expertise to bring experience and creative diversity there at the market”. Evidence of a significant increase in demand with regard to expert advice around the theme of modern working and learning environments is the continuous growth of DEGW and the steady expansion of European business. In many economic and political bodies often critically discussed, rethinking the use of office buildings especially against the background of demographic change, sustainability and cost pressures is essential. Real estate and particularly work environments make the right and tailor-made concept the strategic asset, a clear competitive advantage. And this not only in terms of cost optimization, but especially to the increase of innovativeness, creativity and Productivity. A modern expectant needs work environment promotes corporate identity, employee motivation, and thus contributes to the success of sustainable and crisis-resistant.

Barnard Christiaan Neethling

Christiaan Neethling Barnard Dr C. Barnard Christiaan Neethling Barnard (November 8, 1922 – September 2, 2001) was a South African surgeon descendant of Baliol and Barnard Scottish families. He studied and received his doctorate at the University of Cape Town. He studied medicine at the University of “Cape”, where he graduated in 1953. He began his career as a general surgeon at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, where his older brother Marius was head of the transplant team. In 1955 he won a scholarship to join the U.S. University of Minnesota, where in 1958 he obtained a doctor specializing in cardiology. There was pupil of the prestigious Dr. Owen H. Wangesteen, who introduced him in cardiovascular science, while Dr. Shumway was familiar with the technique of heart transplants in animals, so that, upon his return from the United States, began to practice for several years with dogs.In 1962 he was appointed chief of thoracic surgery Groote Schuur hospital, where he had worked before his doctorate. I had experienced for several years with animal heart transplants following the first successful kidney transplant in 1954. Barnard performed the first kidney transplant in South Africa in 1959. Organ transplants were not a novelty at that time. The first kidney transplant was done by Dr. Varony in 1936. In 1953, Hardy performed the first lung transplant to a patient suffering from cancer, and in 1954 succeeded Murray successfully transplanted kidneys from identical twins in 1967 by a triple kidney transplant, pancreas and duodenum. In 1964, the said Hardy transplanted a chimpanzee heart of a man who died an hour after the lower volume of the organ of monkeypox. Initially working at Groote Schurr Hospital in Cape Town and then moved to U.S. where he specializes in cardiovascular surgery.He was a professor at the University of Cape Town since 1963 and known for making world on 3 December 1967 the first heart transplant in the history of surgery. The December 3, 1967, a news ticker that collected all stunned the world: a South African doctor had performed the first heart transplant a human being. The recipient was Louis Washkansky, dealer, big, optimistic man of fifty-six years, given up by an irreversible heart condition, which was accompanied by a severe diabetes. The donor, Denise Darvall, a young clerk of twenty-five with his mother run over by a car. The operation, conducted by a team of twenty surgeons led by Barnard, lasted six hours. Upon awakening, Washkansky stated that he felt much better with the new heart.Doctor and patient out catapulted to fame, though eighteen days later, the morning of Dec. 21, the patient died of pneumonia induced by immunosuppressive treatment to take. On January 2, 1968 performed the second transplant. This time the recipient was Dr. Philip Blaiberg, and the donor, the mulatto Clive Haupt. The black heart of a beat for 563 days in the body of a white. From that moment, amid a controversy that kept on bioethics of such interventions (is dead who is not breathing but his heart beats ), Patients were gaining life expectancy, thanks to the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporine. In 1970 he divorced his first wife, Louwtjie, who had given him two children: Andre, who committed suicide in 1984 because of the separation of their parents (according to his psychiatrist’s diagnosis and assessment of one’s parent), and Deirdre.That same year he married the heiress Barbara Zoellner, nineteen years old, daughter of Frederick German billionaire Zoellner, based in Johannesburg, known as the “king of steel”. In 1974 conducted for the first time ever double heart transplant, which was to add a healthier heart to another patient to help fulfill the functions they already had. But his experiments in surgery would end sooner or later, in failure. In 1975, when his fame began to wane, he visited Spain to present his book, Stress, and his new wife (who had borne him two sons, Frederick and Christian), with the aim of not losing a bit of popularity in the Merranean basin, where it was most flattered. Continued to perform heart transplants. In 1979, however, refused to participate in an operation to transplant a human head to find the idea impractical, and “probably immoral. This statement will save their honor.

Behavior Of Your Pet

Our dogs and cats make great companions and generally feel good when they are valued and loved members of the family. However, it is important to socialize them and train them from scratch and also provide a consistent and secure environment in which to understand what is acceptable behavior and what is not. The personality and breed of your pet also needs to be considered for understanding the behavior and habits put into context and work with forces your pet to encourage good behavior. It is important to try to understand, if possible, why your pet is behaving the way he is. For example, some breeds of dogs such as collies, are naturally more active than others. The collies are typically bred as working dogs and their owners need to be aware that need lots of exercise and attention than other races. Other factors should be taken into consideration include boredom, lack of stimulation, poor diet (especially one with too much protein) allergies, stress, lack of care and / or lack of exercise.

Recent environmental changes such as introduce a new pet or a new person to the home, mobile home or even a new timbre, particularly acute can also be a factor. Dogs and cats can feel insecure and fearful. The natural way: Tips for owners * Regular exercise is essential. The high-energy pets need a natural outlet for their energy and exhaustion can have a dramatic effect that calms overactive an animal! Moreover, the exercise has been shown to have a calming and stabilizing effect.

German Shepherds

It is worth noting that history is becoming well known today, the German Shepherd is largely connected with the name of a fan: from 1884 to 1899 years of disparate contributions to the development of the breed, introduced a young German Max von Stephanitz. German Shepherds have become increasingly popular, and therefore, in 1899 Shtefanits together with his friend Arthur Mayer organized the Society of German Shepherds. In order to breed does not cease to exist, were used for breeding so-called starokrovnye Shepherd, among whom were the founders of the current livestock breed German shepherd. I wonder what a "" Shepherds sometimes have white spots or markings. In particular, bought Shtefanitsem male Hector Linksrayn often used in breeding work. Although he gave his puppies also gene white wool. Thus, Hector found in the pedigrees of both the German and white dogs. Persecution of the "white crow" in the early breeding in the rock encountered a dog with a shaggy, short and long hair.

Shaggy sheepdog (named ransheih staronemetskimi) were covered with long wavy hair, including white color. Despite the fact that Shtefanits himself admitted a very good working abilities of these dogs, the white color of the breed German shepherds was considered undesirable. In 1933 in Germany, white color was removed from the standard-bearers and puppies recessive gene white isklyuchalsi color from breeding. But in KanadeiSShA white shepherd dogs survived and still exist, over time, the white shepherd was separated into a different breed and they are no longer referred to as German shepherds.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador is currently the most popular and demanded the dog. 18 times in a row Labrador retriever tops the list of dogs in the U.S. and the competition for the best assistant police in the U.S. the best managed, too, Labrador retriever. Friendship Labrador retriever can not be overestimated. Why is this hunting dog breed has earned universal love? The answer is simple. Labrador – a versatile dog. – Labrador – a hunter and fisherman, which is not Labour masterful game lodge and make their own decisions, which is important for hunting.

– Labradors to recognize up to 300 words, different signals and gestures. – Labrador Retriever – a wonder drug with the tail. Labradors are not aggressive and very well go to the contact with people who use them in programs to help children with diseases of the nervous system, working out the coordination of attention. Presence in the house Labrador contributes to the development of the brain Child. The kid learns to observe, memorize and analyze. According to scientists it Labradors are able to identify cancer and its stage. People with allergies can start this dog, because six Labrador has no smell and does not cause exacerbations of the disease.

Excellent memory for routes and innate caution makes a Labrador Retriever indispensable companion for the blind worldwide Labrador guide is 80%. – Puppy labrador brighten up the loneliness, and concern about it would give further meaning to life. – In the dog house protects against the evil eye, brings his family and takes away the "bad energy, it literally" radiates "emotional support for people. Labradors Retrievers are not confined to one family member, but like all the others. – Labrador irreplaceable assistant at customs and a reliable lifesaver in emergency situations. Labrador Retriever works fine on the mountain, avalanche, water, seismic and rescue services. – Life expectancy is 10-13 years old labrador. Guinness World Records listed Labrador, who has lived for 27 years. – Training a dog is better to start after the change of teeth in 6-8 months., Labrador puppies easily study, intelligence Labrador dog is equated to intelligence 4-year-old child. -A dog is unpretentious food, wool does not require special expensive care. Labrador Retriever well be found in residential settings. – Labrador Retrievers come in three colors: fawn, black and brown (chocolate). – This is a fairly active dog, but note that it is not a burglar. I want to note when buying a puppy labrador, thoughtful, responsible Does the breed of your idea of a perfect dog. Error in choosing the breed will result in mutual incomprehension and annoyance. Labrador puppy is not only the realization of your needs in a positive emmotsiyah, the desire to to have a friend and companion, but also a considerable share of responsibility for the maintenance and upbringing of the dog. Articles about the Labrador Retriever of our site will help you to give a complete picture of this proud, self-sufficient, most reliable, obedient, loyal and incredibly charming breed.

Geoffrey James

Robert Nadeau explains how to protect your price during difficult times. In a recent article published in the July/August edition of SellingPower magazine, it explains how you can protect the price of its products in difficult times. Today with the recession, customers are are guiding more than ever by prices. If you are unable to demonstrate that the offered economic value is really the value that customers capture, not leave them more option that look for other alternatives. If this is you end up competing on price and which will offer the best promotion, succeeded in obtaining more clients.

Offering a low price you can sell their products, but long term would affect your company and I would be giving a false perception which is the real value of your products and services. However, if you can demonstrate how their products expressed a good and unique economic value, you can make your customers to see it to you as a key part of the strategy in these difficult times. In this case, its price is you would not so important compared with the economic value created and your products/services may lead the market. On the basis of this article written by Geoffrey James, want to share with our community of followers, some tips for business sale (B2B) in which discusses how to sell a product focusing on the real value that can impersonate the client, rather than focusing on the price of the product. Because customers focus on the preciosCon order to defend your price, you need to know first why customers focus on price. Customers shop for troubleshooting, but they become obsessive with prices that are not aware of the true cost and scope that they have these problems. Generally in some form all companies emphasize much able to get products at the lowest price. Small businesses typically prefer to buy at the lowest price rather than put to assess the real cost.


If we are not able to remove the positive part, teaching or the chance of a problem that we have suffered, or we are suffering, that problem will totally lacked direction, and therefore, while we have devoted to complain and complain because of this problem, will have also been a time nonsense; a time that we have lived without living it, a fraction of our lives, devoid of purpose. Victor Frankl. Book: Man’s search for meaning. Dedicated to: My brothers. Abihud, Abinadab, and Alberto, who overcame severe tests.

I’m remembering how twelve years ago I was living in mental, and emotional terms on the opposite side, to what I’m enjoying today. I have so this one time that if it is not because I have learned to have full command of my mental attitude, I lose control of my emotions, and inevitably would fall into a deep depression at the time. In a few words I can say that as many people at some stage in their life, I felt extremely sad, full of melancholy, vacuum, even came to live in a State of despair; I had really lost control of my emotions. The pain in my soul was unbearable. And I want to clarify that you didn’t me commit suicide; I never pass my mind that idea. Moreover, I was not even able to create a dependency on alcohol, drugs, or a human relationship of Codependence. He actually asked cries to help me. Only that didn’t know how to ask it for me sumi in a State of extreme isolation that was not able to speak with someone. I only lived in a contemplative State. I remember that when I overcame this painful but rewarding stage serious me in my mind and my heart these words of the favorite visual poet: loneliness I came to see if it was the river of forgetfulness.


What kind of dog to choose? Many people have strong opinions about the type of breed of dog he wants, but have they taken into account the nature of the dog, their availability, their way of life? So many questions to ask before buying or adopting a dog. Maybe you’re thinking of canine sport, in which case you will need a partner able to follow in agility, or in competitions. However, if you prefer a quiet family dog, is like the smaller breeds are not necessarily the most quiet?. Another important aspect is, of course, the price of the dog, if you choose a dog breed that is to say, acquired the farm papers and the price is high, based on mode, where fashion is Yorkshire, is charged with high price, if the contrary is a race less popular, the price is cheaper, so if you prefer; dog to the ground paperless, often purchased by individuals, because these crosses, the price will be much more interesting.

Total for all races (with documents) prices are around 350 to 1800 depending on the chosen race. So instead Male or female? Reputations are often more dominant male and female runaways, I would say it depends on the breed and the individuals concerned, but will still be vigilant and ensure a good education. They are also often more active than females, the veterinarian often will recommend castration. The female is considered more gentle and obedient, once again, the attention is not always the case. Consider its heat every 6 months and watch out for marauding dog if you do not have capacity to surprise?.


The best apps in the Android market for newcomers of the Google operating system for smartphones mobile phones and Smartphones with the operating system by Google called Android are enjoying increasing popularity. The Android market (the equivalent of Apple’s app store on the iPhone and iPad) has grown rapidly in the last few months and offers an incredible number of apps. In this article you will presented five apps for Android beginners that are very useful for starting with a Smartphone. It does not explicitly pre-installed apps such as Gmail and Google maps. Dropbox: Dropbox is something like an online hard drive.

A dropbox account is free of charge (if you come out with 2 gigabytes of memory) and you can save not only from the PC data there but also mobile store data there with this Android app or retrieve. Particularly useful for example for important documents on travel (scanned passport…). Twitter for Android: Twitter is one of the biggest trends in social media and the developer of the US startups also have a released official app. The app is perhaps not as feature strong like about TweetDeck or Seesmic, but has by far the most beautiful graphics and is very user friendly. Very much recommended for beginners.

Facebook for Android: the world’s largest network. Of course, this app is mandatory if you use Facebook. Especially sense of Facebook places, doing mobile phone always the current position can tell with GPS. Angry Birds: The game most popular by far in the Android market. After it finally has been ported from the iPhone, you can shoot well on Android with the colorful birds – addictive! Google goggles: Finally an app that has still no tangible benefit, but the future possibilities clearly represents. With Google goggles you can with a mobile phone camera shots and check directly to known patterns. Goggles for example easily detects logos of well-known brands or even all types of lettering and forwards quickly to the respective home page. There are of course many more apps for Android phones that are definitely worth a look. Simply visit the Android market and look around. John Jansen