Academic Council

Much of those who, on the part of some students and some teachers protest for reform proposed by the Government to the law 30. There are 13 points in that educational reform should not accept that are: why say NO to the reform of the law 30? 1) because neglects the quality to give emphasis to the cobertura2) because equals professional education universitaria3 education jobs (Seine)) because based economic growth rates of the GDP and IPC4) because leaves the Academic Council to the authority of the Council superior5) because there will be universities with the aim of (((lucro6) because there will be private investment in the University publica7) because these new universities will be created as characteristic of commercial law companies, i.e., are governed by the order of the privado8 right) because the nature of the University is lost: is measured in terms of economic efficiency, not of quality academica9) because the races that are not profitable for the market not to receive investment and will tend to ((((disappear: Arts, music, filosofia10) because teachers must have master’s degree, but the pay scheme not mejora11) because the type of labor contract for teachers is left open, giving rise to the appearance of associated labour cooperatives, as happens in the salud.12 sector) because talk of self-sufficient racing, without the Estado13 investment) because we will be entering the competition of the private company with these claims students aceveran that are do not agree with the reform of the law 30, which the national Government wants to implement.. . . By the same author: Kaihan Krippendorff.