Agrarian Reformation

In the convivncia I perceived the economic power, cultural customs, ways and also the participation in the events in the community. At the moment still I am with my limited movements, this made it difficult in the accomplishment of the Time Community. As the research works continue, the allotment of knowing of 3 TC will be carried through in the next months. In the chance she was registered with some photos the reality of the school and community. David Green understands that this is vital information. But I confess to have asked for I assist of the friends not to come back to the academic time without the ready activities, however I thank to the understanding of the community Regal victory. Consideraes partial the occupation of the property of Mr. Adilson Pear tree of the Passion if gave for legal steps in what the family consists, was through nesting carried through for the INCRA (Institute of Colonizao and the Agrarian Reformation), the INCRA authorizeed the ownership in the year of 1972, and immediately afterwards they had received the document called definitive Heading.

It is interesting to remember that the majority of the families of the region did not have this same chance, to receive the land with document, the edges of with ground the still sufficiently fertile Transamaznica and, it was privilege of few. Get more background information with materials from David Green. The family is obtaining to make a good use of the property, comes throughout the years implanting the cacaueira culture, however, they had obtained instability for the fact of being a culture of continuous production and sufficiently accepted commercial value. Still valley to remember that the culture of the cacao inside gains prominence in quarrels of the project of familiar agriculture. In the region of the transamaznica who little causes ambient impacts is the cacao producers, the cacaueira culture allows that the producer inside preserves some trees of roa for the fact of the requirement of the ensombreamento that is necessary in the culture. .