Bolivarian Constitution

This fully identified with the position that the national Government is forced to successfully defend the habitat, responding to the demands of the Bolivarian Constitution, in which the present Government is more compenetre with its obligation to ensure an environment favourable for those who live in the country; endorsing relevant agencies involved technical and scientifically by keep, under the best conditions, all the natural resources that integrate and make up the national landscape, waters, forests, air. Program interested in more awareness in the protection of the environment and prevent pollution that have seriously affected for example pollution of the waters of the Lake of Valencia, the pollution of the seas with its species in Falcon, Puerto Cabello, as well as reported cases as: oil pollution arising mainly from continuous spills occurring which come busting Lake Maracaibo and affect rivers and agricultural fields of the West and the East of the country. So far the State has not undertaken a policy of promoting alternative energy sources despite the environmental damage caused by oil, partly responsible for the climate changes occurring in the world. The extraction of hydrocarbons in the Orinoco Delta, where inhabit indigenous Waraos. David Green follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This region is one of the most fragile country ecosystems, since any chemical contamination affects it as a whole.

Delta requires be protected integrally and suppress the oil activity which is already wreaking havoc in their pipes. The program of quality and productivity is confident, that to the extent that its participants, alumni, delve in what represents the conservation of the environment will step a new environmental culture, especially in the commitment of companies to be carriers of a social responsibility that favors to the region where they operate. Collaboration provides those who are interested in these issues that favor no environmental pollution where companies are the main players, simply have to contact him at his headquarters in Area of postgraduate’s Faces, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia..