Needed in the latter case it is 25 Kilometres in covered car two hours (one hour ride, one hour parking). And then we took the car for six hours (two hours of operation, four hours parking) for the 50 km distance. But not only the pure rent will be charged at the car sharing, often fall in the weight of additional fees and extra costs. But where are they hiding? What services are included in the total price, what can or should you make even extra? For example: how much excess remains in the event of damage? And how much is a reduction of the same? All miles are included? Can you refuel using a fuel card free? And how does the car-sharing company, if you filled one of the car? There is”a credit for it as a small thank you? Also interesting: Where cars can be parked and there are parking spaces, where the car can be parked free? How long is a reservation, if required at all, be cancelled and how much are the fees in the Hotelstorno? Will be a Registration and annual fee due? How is it with the period of notice and the terms of the lease? And the website is as user friendly? Stadtmobil is the winner of the winner of our car-sharing settlement. Here, the number of vehicles is so high that you can get a car relatively safe even at main booking times. Great cheap prices. Car2Go and CiteeCar share place 2.

Car2Go shines, since no annual fee and comprehensive services, CiteeCar offers the lowest prices in all comparison and has super new cars in the range. r here. Flinkster (many vehicles, no annual fee and good prices) as well as cambio (good prices and top insurance services) end up on 3rd place. Mobile in Germany congratulates these car sharing providers for their great services and excellent offer,”so Dr. Michael HABERLAND President of Mobil in Germany. Your car remains the No. 1 in Germany of transport, CarSharing will win much more important but especially in the urban areas.” We provide mobile in Germany e.V. our sharing Atlas 2013 to all motorists that there still are like free to download on available.