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Perhaps will embody heroes in the quadrangle, but in life real, the wrestlers are ordinary heroes: have the same weaknesses that viewers who see them fight from home. As an example, the son of one hundred faces lost his life this week. On 28 November, Ignacio Jimenez, known in Mexican quadrilaterals as son of a hundred faces or one hundred faces Jr., was killed near his home. The Reyes brothers, famous Mexican wrestlers, gave life to one hundred faces, but Ignacio Jimenez was not related to them. Jimenez joins the row of those who have died early in this sport.

One of the most controversial was abyss black, whose death is still surrounded by unknowns. The fashion of this time is that crime that takes place, crime related to drug trafficking. Hopefully not giving this reason as answering machine and this horrific murder is resolved. Previous war of Titans 2010, first fight (05/12/10) relay Australians of madness wrestling, MMA and Wrestling Los 10 mejores movements of CMLL wrestlers ‘ do wrestling, MMA and Wrestling masks of Mexican wrestlers among fans of Smackdown? struggle free, MMA and Wrestling the ten most expensive weddings of history!