Coordinator Proposals

There will be wary both of the phrase do not need anything, I have everything; as this one: I have nothing, I need everything. Both are obscure. Nor so much and so little. Some nihilism can be heard sometimes: ask is useless, nobody listens to you. (3) The order transformed into proposal at the third time of operation seek to convert orders into proposals. It is a way of transforming the desire into concrete action. It involves a movement creative mind to find a solution to set orders.

Memory usage: Worth remembering at this point attempted solutions that proved to be unsuccessful, to not return to failure. The adjectives that must be prevented are: dreamy, idealistic, romantic, utopian. They may appear killer phrases of creative ideas: not going to adopt, it is very expensive, never became as well, it is impossible. Ideas should be allowed and polished to make viable proposals. By way of slogan: If you do not provide a solution, then is part of the problem. If we use the third ear (analogy of the third eye of Buddhism, Sam Keen), listen to the pronoun we, as sum of the I + others, on a level higher, more inclusive.

The students of the example propose at this point the realization of dramatisations of real scenes in airport, restaurant, cultural center, phone call, etc. The Professor is agreed, provided the students review the vocabulary in their homes. Resistance to the proposals: in addition to the killer phrases may appear: to me it is not for me proposing nothing, it is not my function, that is the job of the Manager (or delegate, or Coordinator, or owner). We must encourage the pro-activity of people (make things happen) and not accept the reactivity (I do only what I sent). CONCLUSIONS put agreement, match, achieving consensus. Here are tasks that are not easy and that do not depend on the goodwill of the people involved in the system. The road to hell is littered with good intentions. In addition, methods and tools are required. This is one. Drew Houston shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. By way of slogan: that any complaint is transformed into order, which all order becomes proposal, which any proposal becomes action, which all achievement becomes celebration and starting point to restart the cycle. CREDITS I took contact with this model through Alejandro Simonetti, master and social psychologist, who taught me as exercise supervising a group of learning of social psychology (he always remembers the phrase: originality is the art of hiding the sources, causing you much grace).