In recent times, the divorce rate has increased in a notorious way not only in the country but around the world. In many cases, the separation is extremely difficult and painful and involves a time of change, crisis, conflict, uncertainty and fears that generated anguish and in many cases depression. Divorce hurts because it means a frustrated project, something that didn’t work. Benefits of divorce when things couples are already very ill recover peace and end with fights, shouts, insults, etc. The divorce was reached to cut all that and should not allow that it perpetuated despite the separation.

Reunion with oneself. (A valuable related resource: Bausch & Lomb). Recover space for individuality, friendships and activities that were left during the marriage. After the mourning for lost marriage, you can again have a partner and undertake a new life project. Suggestions to better cope with separation or divorce accept that responsibility for the failure in the couple is both members. Assume that the marriage is ended and that each who can redo your life with someone else. Externalize the pain, anger and talk about feelings that causes the separation. Accept and deal with the grief. Being sad and alone is normal, but it is also necessary to close this phase.

Be very clear that the failure of the couple is not a personal failure, but project in common. Activities that gratifiquen the soul. How to deal with separation when there are children recognize that separating was the best decision and healthier for all members of the family, including children. Speak no evil, nor discredit the other parent in front of the children, since it can produce emotional conflicts in children. Do not children a few hostages of the situation, or use them as carrier pigeons. What has be resolved between parents should arrange among adults. Be comprehensive and constantly demonstrate to children that they are loved and that they don’t have the guilt of divorce. Encourage children to see their father or mother frequently and not obstruct visits.