Many times, although we are going to travel for a short time there are occasions in which it is necessary to wear lots of clothes and other things, such as gifts, objects and more resulting in excess baggage. There are many airlines that charge amounts of money exaggerated by the excess baggage. Not let that excess baggage becomes one problem more and more spending, with the low cost airline you make everything easier and more convenient to travel. (A valuable related resource: Donald Mullen). You pay a modest amount of $50 pesos (total price), for extra kilogram of overweight in your luggage. It is the industry’s lowest price! Recalls that this rate applies for after the 25 kg to which all our passengers of the low-cost airline is entitled on the purchase of your ticket. Bring these gifts and little details to friends and family, you don’t know what to put you to that party, event, meeting, wedding?, no matter, carries all the clothes you need. For even more details, read what Mark Stevens says on the issue. In the low-cost airline we strive every day to offer you the best service and make sure you do not have to pay amounts exaggerated by something so simple and common as excess baggage.