Hanover Newspaper

Hot off the press: Pilot: project the business newspaper for Lower Saxony as controls the intendant of the drama Hanover one economy operating with 3,000 employees? What crime is running behind the scenes in the sale of fine dust stickers? And tire dealers face a wave of bankruptcy? Pilot uses these and other exciting topics: project on the economy newspaper for Lower Saxony in its first edition. Our business newspaper for Lower Saxony, or just of GPCC, is designed as a newspaper magazine “, explains Eberhard editor-in-chief pilot recent in-house publication of the pilot: project GmbH. This explains the high proportion of the image and the fresh layout in the convenient tabloid format.” “With the GPCC we want to prove our readers and customers: pilot: project has its merits not only as a PR Agency, but also repeatedly emphasized his journalistic roots with good reason”, as pilot, which operates since 1986 with private company PR on behalf of customer, but also repeatedly transferred equity publications. Previously the business journalist among other things head on the DM, Wirtschaftswoche and colorful, and author at Handelsblatt and image. Our goal is to provide informative business journalism with lower Saxon focus. This takes the editorial every month an industry target, it illuminated from various perspectives and tries to reveal interesting linkages with other sectors of the economy”, Collin Scholz, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the GPCC, explains the special approach of the sheet maker. The four-page dossier is the heart of every issue.

Also the distribution of the newspaper is pilot: project new ways. The journal is distributed with a circulation of 30,000 copies free of charge directly to the decision makers in Lower Saxony enterprises. For ad customers this means maximum effect without wastage”, says Scholz. In addition, we offer a special service: on request we can integrate the customer distribution of our advertisers in the newspaper distribution. So we can make sure that PR – and advertising customers achieve exactly those whom they want to speak”. Coinciding with the launch of the newspaper went online also pilot project wzn.de. The website is much more than just an online version of pilot: project / the business newspaper for Lower Saxony, Germany.

The platform delivers messages and shows at the same time backgrounds and relationships. It contains the contributions of the print version in a more detailed version supplemented by interviews, business and decision er portraits. Several times a week, economic reports from Lower Saxony provide topicality. The editors of the newspaper provide online high quality posts and carefully researched stories. For advertising and PR-partner of the print edition offers the Internet added value: you can set your company news and press releases at no additional cost. In this way, the portal to a free platform for corporate communications is embedded in a high-quality editorial environment, complemented by Advisor, legal and tax tips and advice for entrepreneurs “, emphasises Frank Kosching, Department head of online relations and project manager in the implementation of the portal. Actress and filmmaker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Interactive specials about the topic of financial education, encourage to participate. Multimedia Infotainment completes the product range.