Heating Pipes

In this article we will talk about a new product on the market for plastic pipe – pipe metallopolipropilena. In our view, today is the best in terms of price-quality selection of pipes for the heating system. What is well this pipe? Firstly, the pipe is universal in terms of fittings. For its installation can be used as fittings for plastic pipes and polypropylene. The question here is not so much convenience as in price – press fitting angle of 90 degrees. for metal pipes with a diameter of 20 mm is not less than $ 100, whereas its analog polypropylene can be purchased for 03.04 rubles. A second important difference metallopolipropilenovoy pipes are its higher Performance: the working temperature is 110 degrees (versus 95 in pvc and even lower in polypropylene) and working pressure of 10 atm.

We note several important differences metallopolipropilenovoy pipe from the pipe of reinforced polypropylene. First of all, it's a smaller wall thickness, which increases the flow area of the pipe. For example, where it was planned to use reinforced polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 25 mm, suitable pipe with a diameter of 20 mm. Here, you will win and the cost of pipes and fittings cost without compromising quality. In addition, when using pipes metallopolipropilena (here I refer primarily to those who are engaged professionally installed), you reduce your transportation and warehousing costs and the amount of waste after installation due to the fact that this pipe comes in coils, not to .