Home Control Solutions

eQ-3 plant in southern China empty obtains certification ISO 14001 for its goal-oriented environmental policy, the eQ-3 AG (www.eQ-3.de) has received the ISO 14001 certification for the realization of special environmental management guidelines in its production facility in Zhuhai, southern China, February 14, 2011. The 33,000 square metre plant of the eQ-3 Electronics Co., Ltd. thus meets strict, specific standards with regard to the implementation of a responsible environmental policy. Precedes eQ-3 to lead by example in the production of its home control devices: ISO 14001 certification certifies the plant in the China Zhuhai an environmental policy based on strict rules. In particular the HomeMatic solutions from eQ-3, mainly home automation products offer consumers great savings potential in terms of energy consumption and protect the environment it has been proven.

With more than 200 types of products, eQ-3 has the industry’s broadest product portfolio in the field of home control and energy management solutions. Certified and environmentally friendly quality the internationally valid standard ISO 14001 focus in particular the continuous improvement of the previously established standards of ecology. Through the certification of eQ-3 is committed, to realize his imposed its own objectives in terms of environmental policy with the method of PDCA (plan, do, check, Act). After the planning and subsequent implementation of the respective measures, whose controlled. If necessary, the objectives are revised and optimized. Prof. Heinz-G. Redeker, Chief Executive Officer which eQ – 3 AG shows: as manufacturer of home automation and Energiesparprodukten, we feel obliged to follow strict environmental standards already in production in a special way. In addition to our high quality standards, we make all of our products, the certification according to ISO 14001 proves the commitment of our company in the field of environmental protection. Clients of eQ-3 have the certainty, to make a personal contribution to protect the environment when purchasing our products thus.” The Also manufacture the equipment developed in Germany according to German standards, as confirmed by certification by the ISO quality standard 9001:2000.