Human Knowledge

Greetings my readers according to various studies on human nature, interesting data found how humans learn, captures and processes all kinds of information received from various sources during its existence. David Karp brings even more insight to the discussion. This study is based on the receiving capability through the senses. These studies say clearly how human captures with greater speed and accuracy, through their five senses, everything surrounds it and information retention capacity. This information we will introduce is based on two approaches: how to retain information, and how we learn, buy or accept it as true. These investigations is summarized as follows: how retaining information? 10% Of what we read.

20% Of what we hear. 30% Of what we see. The 50% of what we see and hear. 70% of what we say when we talk about 90% of what we say as we act. How we learn and buy? 83% Through the view. 11% Through the ear.

3 1 / 2% Through smell. 1 1 / 2% Through touch. 1% for medium taste. These data make us conclude that humans buy more by what you see, by what notes. It is seeing is believing what the client gives the importance and true value. Therefore, we need to show you through the sense of sight, in different ways, our product and what we offer to make it attractive. But not only that sufficient sera, need to prepare good arguments, sales strategies and the right attitude. We must be always optimistic, captivating, attitude where us demonstrate to the customer who sees what really what satisfies your need. How we do it? There are many ways to reflect that we have the best product or service in the world. No we must show us doubtful or even of the price we offer. He is maintaining a strong attitude and firm. We have tools and technologies but our final ingredient will be the creativity and innovation. If we combine the creativity and innovation in the presentation of our products and/or services we will have advanced by 70% in the success of our sales. A hug and up to the next article.