How do visitors come to the site? All of us (I'm talking about people involved in the creation and content of the site) after the publication of his next 'masterpiece' articles, notes, offer for sale, etc. forward and wants to see in their site more visitors. A commercial sites involved in the sale of various goods, await visitors as the air, because each visitor – a potential customer. The more clients, more sales, and means more profit. Arithmetic is very simple. And now let us remember: Where are the visitors? Correct the biggest influx comes from search engines! Hence it is necessary that your new web-page search engine as soon as possible and began to issue indexed in the query results to users. For example, your site is dedicated to aquarium fish. And in his new article, you describe what diseases are in Vualehvostov.

Then tell readers how you won this disease, while unobtrusively recommend readers miracle cure for this bolezni.Teper need speedy indexing of this page to have that page displayed when a query in the search. As is well known search engine spiders not very often spoil our sites with a visit. For example, the robot Yandex, making his round about once every two weeks. Imagine that your article about "diseases of fish" Yandex, grab a couple of weeks Ghastly But there are services on the Internet that are visited by robots on a daily basis. This is the so-called social networking sites. Over the past few years social networking has become very popular and continue to gain momentum.