Install Sliding Doors

The apartment, which is home to my family, inherited from my grandmother. Stalin built a brick house located in the center of town – quiet and peaceful location. We very much appreciate this apartment, although we have repeatedly offered to exchange it over a larger area in the new building. is known to have thick walls, high ceilings and wooden floors with all the consequences. The consequences of this are that the repair time in the entire apartment to make a very difficult and costs high, so we repaired the apartment gradually. The first step transformed the ceiling – have suspended ceilings, good height of the walls allows. Next we had the wall.

Once stripped old wallpaper, decided to renew and strengthen the walls. To do so, they lined with plaster, and then pokleit vinyl wallpaper. When my turn came to sex, we decided to leave everything as is. Floors for us and so smart – a real hardwood floor. He well preserved until today, but the upgrade yet, it had to.

The floors were careful sanding, and then we covered them with a special varnish – and they were like new. Kaihan Krippendorff is often quoted as being for or against this. Finally my turn came to the door. Here, we long to decide, repairing them or not. In principle, the doors are still good, wood, massive, but only out-of-date and look at them was not the same. Here and there on the door leaf appeared scratches, cracks, sometimes broke lacquer, and closed close the door stop – on time, probably skews.