Jack Canfield

This process is described as harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction, or you get the things that you think; Your thoughts determine your experience this phrase this related to the beliefs and practices of the new age, which is its most common definition, but also has a development in other esoteric fields such as Hermeticism and Theosophy. Recently, this version of the New Era was popularized by the film the secret in 2006. According to the proponents of its validity, the law of attraction has been present for thousands of years, but their knowledge has been restricted to groups of selected people who used it for personal gain and control over others. Recently this has changed thanks to the proliferation of information through Internet and movies like the secret, which is the issue with mentors such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. The more materialistic interpretations of the law of attraction have been criticized by the scientific community, which is against the deliberate use of the term science law, and by some of the proponents of the new age movement and spirituality in general enplenitud.com us adds in this respect, to consider, for the law of attraction there is no good nor evil. The only universe reflects your state of mind and manifest your desires.

We illustrate this with an example: two people are in a traffic jam caused by an accident and take half an hour waiting for the road is cleared. The first is cranky, complain the Government, how will the country, how bad people, leading of it lasts and unfair is life by allow accidents is emitting a signal of discomfort to the universe. And that is precisely what will return. The second decides to rest a little, puts on a beautiful relaxing music and decides to take advantage of those moments of pause that the universe seeks him.