Max Karagoz

One Study of the market research company Gartner in 2010 projected him for 2010 a volume of $ 110.8 billion, and thus an increase of 8.5 percent over 2009. The Gartner forecast was at $ 143.6 billion for 2014. If you have read about Bausch & Lomb already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Currently also seems world largest computer trade fair CeBit in Hanover their priorities have shifted something: the presentation of new and more powerful computer 2011 more faded into the background, cloud computing and apps have become central topics. Software remains a hot topic. There is still plenty of room to shine as a developer and programmer also with your own small business. With the right idea and well programmed software, is also on the US market opportunities and good business must by no means left the software giant. The Huddler has, for example, a software in the luggage, to transform simple forums in modern social media communities. In addition, the company offers support services forum operators.

Huddler’s services also serve a stronger commercialisation of the forums and thus the Forum operators revenues through the Forum to secure. Huddler’s work is free of charge for the Forum operators. The company benefits alone through a share of the advertising revenue generated in the future. The need for the Huddler offer seems to be available, and the idea could work. The own US-software development company as a livelihood are the ideas that must convince a software in addition to a good programming and functionality. We support entrepreneurs by ALTON LLC in the United States efficiently”, says Max Karagoz, so the founders alone to focus on its business concept. But the concept must match, otherwise the support does not help.” Ultimately, the US market will provide opportunities not every founder with each software product.

Applies also here: success has the right offer at the right time. It is therefore about the idea as a German software developer in the United States to settle, basically not a bad. Is true the product, not only the entry into a successful business can be the software developed and distributed in the United States. She can also become the basis of life for German programmers who emigrate in the United States. The livelihoods of bruchigste that is not with security.