Medical Sciences

After the session, all patients had stable trend to lower blood pressure to levels close to normal for each age group. The average "top" (systolic pressure) was reduced by 32 mm. Hg. Art. and "lower (diastolic) – 10 mm. Hg. Art. The pulse rate decreased by an average of 10.6 beats per minute.

Electrocardiograms made after listening to patients, also characterized the changes for the better. According to the results of experimental verification was given an official opinion about sustainable positive impact of the new technology of music therapy on adaptive systems in the body in the direction of correction to the physiological norm. Study of the efficacy of my method for patient-volunteers suffering from syndrome hypertension (ie high "top" pressure) was based on Space Research Clinics anthropoecology Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences headed by Academician vp Kaznacheyeva and md A. Trofimov. Especially valuable results of this experiment makes the fact that it was conducted during the period of extraordinary heliogeophysical disturbances (3 to May 12, 2000), during the so-called parade of planets on May 5, when most pronounced negative effect of external factors on the human body. Clinic Institute of Space anthropoecology have the technical capacity of the natural weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth 600 times (Which is used setting) for medicinal purposes. When combined plays healing music and putting the patient in environment achieved better results. When used as a independent means of therapeutic effects, healing music significantly reduced the negative impact of geomagnetic disturbances in patients with vascular diseases, including hypertension.