Mediumsized Municipal Utilities

“”HANA”technology offers new possibilities for medium-sized companies there is now the possibility of fast database technology HANA” to benefit. Thus, large amounts of data can be processed extremely quickly, control complex processes with just a few clicks, projections and detailed analyses are created without much effort in record time. A new HANA “solution for SAP business one makes it possible. As a software partner of SAP, the Berliner IQone GmbH has programmed a module that is specially designed for all medium-sized multi-utility companies. Previously the benefits of HANA “technology almost exclusively for energy companies and large public utilities available. And we wanted to change that with a smart and efficient solution,”Klaus Eversheim says one of the managing partners of IQ. The extreme speed of HANA’ and finally the high practical effect of an intuitive user interface are all medium-sized Utilities available”, so Eversheim next. The example of energy sales show himself that would accelerate through the new software solution virtually all processes by a factor of 100 or are even faster.

High automatically different data and systems be linked depending on requirements such as ERP and CRM. So far necessary synchronization steps are eliminated completely. HANA”is an in-memory technology, which in a matter of seconds large amounts of data from a variety of sources can be processed and automatically evaluated. There’s more about the newly programmed software module for medium-sized municipal utilities, under. Contact: D. Hempel,