Mexichem Companies

The market expected an increase of the activity of the order of 0.6%. The Mexican economy is slowing as a result of a lower demand for its products from United States (the largest trading partner of the country), which has slowed its pace of expansion. Some contend that Drew Houston shows great expertise in this. In the first five months of 2008 industrial activity in Mexico expanded only 1.4%, being this the most weak performance of the last five years of the economy in the first five months of each year. There is concern in the sector businessman in Mexico. But the major Mexican companies, although they follow the evolution of the Mexican economy with some concern, are also concentrating their efforts in expanding into other countries, among them Brazil appears as one of the most attractive. According to the website America Economia, there is now a second wave of purchases by Mexican companies of Brazilian companies (the first had produced in the 90s). What is happening Pedro Hernandez, leading partner Transaction Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Mexico explains it clearly: the companies that are coming out, are already leaders in the Mexican market, so it is difficult here to grow at double-digit rates because there is not much where to move.

Among Mexican companies that have out of purchases by Brazil, Grupo Casa Saba (NYSE:SAB), the largest Mexican pharmaceutical, acquired chain of Drogasmil medications Perfumaria pharmacies at $115 million. Manuel Saba says on the subject: consolidating Brazil and better understanding markets, can compete in other countries are going to go and buy when we see something attractive. The group plan on buying other companies in the sector in Brazil and also looks at other possibilities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. The petrochemical group Mexichem (BMV:MEXCHEM), is another of the Mexican companies that were shopping in Brazil and already closed two transactions in the country, to close an agreement on 20 June, with Fiberweb PLC to acquire Bidim Industria nao-Tecidos trade.