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Movilway will take advantage of the opportunity to put at the service of the population in Latin America the most innovative mobile technology, thereby becoming engine active growth and development in the region. ABOUT MOVILWAY Movilway born at the beginning of this year, backed by a holding company that gives it a wide financial soundness. Throughout these months, the company has developed a service offering of electronic refill adapted to the needs of their customers. This is offered for each of the areas in which work: consumers, distributors and sub-distributors. The objective of the company is offering through its technological platform, a tool enabling electronic transactions of any kind through the use of the cell phone. Its tremendous business strength is largely based on its technological platform of last generation, in the back of great professionals and a high capacity for innovation and research. For more detailed information visit note to the EDITOR to view and/or download materials, images and creative resources related to the posted information, visit contacts with media Movilway Press. Rosa Soto.

(1) 786 303 7996. statement statements with this future projection of press may contain certain forward-looking statements. These statements can be identified by the use of verbs conjugated in the future and terms as estimated, expects, projects, plans, and other similar expressions. Such future-oriented statements include, without limitation, statements about future operations, and plans that we expect or anticipate will occur. The forward-looking statements reflect the current views and presuppositions of Movilway in the present and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the statements issued. Many of these factors are beyond the ability of Movilway to control or predict. Given these factors, is it shall not depend on unduly these future-oriented statements.