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The reason: The hearing our begins sensory life. We take people already from the fourth month intensive tones was and thus listening part in life, because the sensory organ ear is fully developed usually at the latest after the 28th week. Thus, listening is our first sensual experience. That sounds can efficiently transmit messages and arouse emotions is secured long ago as scientific. We can at any time see away but never hear”, n.

added. The authors derive the special strategic impact of multi-sensory marketing mainly from two central findings of neuro marketing. From the law of the multisensory reinforcement, according to which a message that reaches the brain across multiple sensory channels, is processed faster and significantly more intensively as an incoming only through a channel signal. Secondly, the authors rely on the multi sensory Minicrystals, After the brain, once it has stored a multi-sensorial experienced message, only a single stimulus needed to fully recall the multi sensory memory. Again, n. Stresses the outstanding position of sounds, because audible information in the brain are processed faster than Visual. With our interdisciplinary Guide, we offer a systematic overview of multi-sensory marketing and branding the market for the first time. A leading source for info: Mark Stevens.

We not only explain how and why it works, but also how it specifically designed and can be used to position brands and products and to anchor in the consciousness of the audience”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke. The advertising world is focused far too much on the sense of sight and many companies still underestimate what important contribution play all sensory input in a decision-making process. With the 1 x 1 multi sensory marketing”we will contact companies that leave it to chance to which brand messages the customers about the achieve different meaning and the targeted use of the multisensory marketing want to insure a stable ahead of the competitors.” About the comevis GmbH & co. KG: The comevis GmbH & co. KG acoustically positioned companies, brands and products and gives you a unique profile of sound (sound logo, jingle, corporate voice, corporate corporate song, hymn, music) with precise recognition. The company from Cologne is a premium provider specializing in audio branding, marketing audio & audio interface design. With his methodology of the Sonic-profiling creates comevis exceptional sound productions, which create confidence, sales support positively support the perception of value. The sound design specialists put a special focus on sound systems, which are consistently cross-media can be used to systematically increase brand values. Contact: comevis GmbH & co. KG Ms Britta Suritsch hills str. 23 D-51063 Cologne