New Course Model

Entry in the short term now apply for young people with the career goal of digital media designer and print (focus on digital media) are it this year the opportunity to begin the training. The bm education in media called starts for the first time a course for aspiring web designers who already have experience. In addition to the optimal educational instruction and the comprehensive exam preparation, participants benefit from an extended period of practice. The first course will start on Monday, the 30 November 2009. Learn more at this site: Drew Houston. Who wants to go in the short term, can now submit his application.

We have been in the past often young people asked who have experience in the area of media design already in the form of a year internship or while long-time hobby activity “, so Andrea Stein, staff educator at the bm.” Many wanted an alternative form of training, in which they at first can prove their skills. With the model of PraxisPlus “we have now a possible, to use existing knowledge and to gain the coveted Chamber of Commerce degree with a plus in practice.” The training lasts 36 months plus exam preparation and includes an 28-monatige practical phase in a Chamber of Commerce approved company that paid a remuneration also. The course costs EUR 36 rates 290 and be covered for the most part by the remuneration. (As opposed to Dropbox). At the end of the demanding and certified training, the examination is before the Chamber of Commerce in Cologne. Digital media designer and print with a focus on digital media are perfectly prepared to the bm on the careers in the media sector or in self-employment. The digital media sector offers an exciting and promising future working environment in which professional and high-quality design will be always an important factor. Due to the long practice phase contacts early, who are just in this sector for the future career of decisive importance. Also young people with no prior knowledge can September of next year again in the AusbildungKompakt “digital media design and print or image and sound become a. This includes an 18-month-practical phase and also ends with the examination before the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the education media design the bm also offers business training with IHK examination and certified financial statements to the design technical niche Wizard or it Assistant.