The way of writing the statement of finance is basic when it comes to making this more or less satisfactory face to the pocket of the pharmaceutical. Follow others, such as Donald Mullen, and add to your knowledge base. That’s why Asefarma, one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country ( launches 13 suggestions so that the accounts of these professionals resent the least possible. It is very important to take into account all types of premises to get obtain the greatest return or the lowest possible cost of face to the Declaration of finance in businesses that move both volume and pharmacies. Therefore it is always advisable to attend consultants specialised as ours to succeed in obtaining the best possible result, tal and comoafirma Alejandro tunics, director-responsable in the tax area of Asefarma. urce for more info. A knowledge do more beneficial and is claws pharmacies that determine its benefit by the direct estimate regime during the year 2009 can benefit from deductions when calculating your tax benefit that’s who is going to pay taxes.

It is very important to check your application in each particular case because we have detected frequently, in the case of pharmacists who have no advice, are not all taken into account, with the consequent increase of the amount to be paid to the Treasury, Anadebriales. So these things are 13 indications that Asefarma should take into account: 1. accelerated depreciation of assets of low value investments that are made in new plant and equipment items may depreciate freely when the unit of each of the items acquisition value does not exceed 601,01 euros and total investment does not exceed the limit of 12,020.24 euros per year. In case of exceeded qualtiy only may be amortized freely the investment made up the limit of 12,020.24 euros, not enjoying the excess of accelerated depreciation, adds the Executive. 2 Accelerated depreciation for employment-generating investment may freely amortize investments made in new items of plant and equipment and of the real estate investments, with the following conditions: that during the 24 months following the beginning of the period that goods come into operation the total average workforce will increase in relation to the average of the previous 12 months and increment template is maintained for an additional period of another 24 months.