The Mayor

154/2010, whose effectiveness was suspended for threshold granted for the Special agency of the Court of Justice of MS in 02.02.2011), approving street name, granting medals and you would honor, and as they had delivered medals and headings in 2010. Nothing that cannot be made by a communitarian advice formed by the community of gratuitous form, where the representative is not the person, but yes the entity which represents, without any remuneration. It is a voluntary service for its city. Drew Houston often says this. The money that if spends with the chamber of councilmen in a city as ours, well that could be applied in diverse important segments communitarian, as health, security and education. I do not believe the representative democracy as ours.

The Mayor always makes its majority and approves what well to understand. For this it has the safe in its hands, can contemplate the order politicians of the allies and thus purchase the vote and the conscience of the councilmen whom they need are well with its voters to be able to reelect itself. To choose the councilman it passes the hat and it is having for the entire world. The interesting one is that what spends to choose itself does not obtain to supply with the revenues of the 48 months of mandate. How becomes this magician? This wants to say that even so receiving from the people the paid councilman it stops to work? Then my idea to finish with the expenses with the voluntary work is correct. The opposition that does not have majority is a puppet that has voice that nobody hears and vote that nothing valley. It will be that it is not in the hour to change the called constitution and our methods democratic? It has many more efficient and less onerous forms to the contributor to become democracy.

The Flato

I am a flato, also known as pum. I am imprisoned in the intestinais walls since yesterday, when the owner of this intestine decided to eat a baita of feijoada. That I remember to me I went down of everything, of bacon of pig until a tidbit mount mixed drink. Of course the combustion was furious and finished being born in the way of all this gororoba calrica. Since then I come trying to leave daqui, but without success.

It would like to say that the freedom is a right of all. Everything, opinion, thought, liberty of speech. A reality was not easy to become this. I know of much people that died fighting for this ideal, the ideal of being free and to go and to come. Therefore the freedom must be loved, be preserved and stimulated. Never, in hypothesis some, trimmed. It occurs that the freedom of the intestinais gases comes being trimmed throughout the centuries. For more clarity and thought, follow up with MSCO and gain more knowledge.. We have been restrained, suffocated, trancafiados! I want to say that I am a gas of free spirit, I was not born pra to live in a intestinal arrest.

I want to take my route, to fly in the clouds, to catch hitchhiking in the first breeze that to blow however, I have my freedom denied for considering my presence in the indesejada atmosphere. Indesejada why? , I ask. What I made pra to deserve this confinement? Already I killed somebody, by chance? Already I stole, already I offended, already I deviated public mounts of money, already I maltreated, already I made horrible things for there? I am a honest flato and of good nature, never I harmed nobody in this life. But still thus, I continue without having permission pra to leave. It has who says that I deserve this arrest because of mine I smell. However, mine I smell is resulted of involved chemical processes in the digestion. I am not who I choose mine I smell, and yes the people when they eat what they eat. He lacked this to me, the citizen if empanturra of feijoada and only wants that I smell what!, the lavender, by chance? However, he makes me the favor! Its flato does not have guilt of it smells that it has, it is alone victim of this cursed intestinal repression that devastates to all we. But this goes to finish, ah, if it goes. If it has a fact (not a flato) to be said on the flatos is that they are persistent gases and they never do not give up! In this accurate instant millions of intestinais gases they are organizing a great manifestation in favor of its freedom. The idea is to make a revolution in day seven of September, day of the Independence of Brazil. In this day, then after the schedule of the lunch, flatos of the entire world will be fighting bravely pra to leave its intestinais arrests. It will be an action integrated, badly cheirosa and organized. All the gases, joined and of one only time, will leave to the force its arrests having provoked a serious and espremido racket. thus, taken for the spirit of D. Peter I, we will raise together the sword of justice and will proclaim with all the soul our shout of the Ipiranga: ‘ ‘ Independncia or Pum!