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Both these systems have much in common, xp Pro and xp Home are built on the same kernel, nt 5.1. The difference between them lies only in the fact that xp Home does not support multiple functions, working in xp Pro. In xp Home does not support the following functions: Remote Desktop – allows you to work remotely on your computer. Offline Files and Folders – allows access to network resources when disconnected from the server. Scalable processor support – support for multiprocessor systems.

Encrypting File System – file encryption tools on the file system. Access Control – restrict access to files, programs and other resources Centralized administration – centralized administration system in the domain. Group Policy – simplifies the administration of groups of users on the computer. Software Installation and Maintenance – automatically installs, configures, repairs and removes software. Roaming User Profiles – access to your documents and settings from anywhere you connect to a domain.

Remote Installation Service (RIS) – support for remote installation of the operating systems on the network. Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) add-on – support for the changes of languages of different users. Besides, there is little difference in interfaces, such as xp Home can not turn off Simple File Sharing and turn normal. Home or Professional? Taking decision to move to Windows xp or buy a new car, choose the appropriate version, Home or Professional. For most consumers, is well suited less expensive Home Edition. Windows xp Pro, an expanded version of Windows xp Home – the obvious choice for most companies, but small organizations are unlikely to need its more advanced features of access control, safe work vseti. Some additional features Windows xp Professional: Working with dvumyaprotsessorami, work in a domain Windows NT; Internet Information Services / Personal Web Server (IIS Web Server 5.1); network management protocol SNMP; distantsionnoeupravlenie via Remote Desktop. If you would like to know more about David Green, then click here. In addition, there is a new 64-bit edition of Windows xp. It is intended only for computers with Intel-processor Itanium or Itanium I and svoimfunktsiyam similar to Windows xp Pro.

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