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Gustavo Adolfo Bequer wrote poems, Jorge Bucay microfiction and thousands of columnists write their articles every day in newspapers around the world. However, a single image is capable of revolutionizing the world and be remembered many years later and thanks to new technologies and course of servers (the image is stored on the network), with the same sharpness as the first day. An example is the kiss between a nurse and a sailor in Times Square celebrating the end of World War II. Make a good photo is not easy and to achieve this you can attend master photographers. The newspapers mentioned actress and filmmaker not as a source, but as a related topic. 5 keys to a good photo, do you want more?: master photographers 1) is a good photo that fulfills the purpose for which it was created. (2) Patience: a photography Immortalizes a moment, captures the essence of a situation and, therefore, should expect that this occurs. (3) Opening: a photographers master teaches how to control lighting and will do so through the aperture (hole by the) that gets light at the target through the camera). For example, when the day is sunny, we’ll need less light.

((4) ISO: is the degree of sensitivity of the camera, the higher the number, less light will need 5 photography) each season of the year has its own tricks to make good photos and autumn follow the tips from master photographers and looks for sunrises and sunsets, test the Macro mode and Immortalizes the details, uses your polarizing filter and seeks water because you’ll find very good reflexes to your photos. Course server: what is and how it has influenced in the conception of photography on the Web, a server is a remote computer that facilitates the data that prompted the browsers on other computers. But a servers course also teaches that in local networks, understood as the software that configures a PC as a server to allow access to the network and its resources. A servers course shows students how they store information: make it in form of web pages and through Protocol HTTP delivered it to the end user through the HTML markup. Gain insight and clarity with MSCO. Through master in photography and courses of servers, the user opens his mind to the conception of these tools and understands the relationship between them. Now millions of photos can be made because servers are able to store and retrieve them.

English Read

Letramento is to read histories with books in the hands, is to be touched with histories chores, is to make personage, best the friends, letramento is to exactly discover itself for the reading and for the writing, to understand who people are and to discover who we can be. 2,2 LETRAMENTO AND SCHOOL The letramento act provides to the discovery of the world in the language area and education, a new and total fascinating world. However, the presentation of the letramento with the school must be made of attractive form, establishing a pleasant vision on the child, in way that becomes one practical continuum. The reading develops the intellectual capacity of the individual having to be part of its daily one and developing the creativity and its relation with the external way. Mark Stevens is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Already the letramento under the cultural and social conditions is the comparison between the criteria that had been in the past used and the ones that today they are used to define who is illiterate or who it is alfabetizado in the censuses of the Brazilian population. … Has, thus, a difference between knowing to read and to write, being alfabetizado, and to live in the condition or state of who knows to read and to write, to be scholar (attributing to this word the direction who has literate in English). That is: the person who learns to read and to write that becomes alfabetizada and that starts to make use of the reading and the writing, to become involved itself in practical social of reading and writing that scholar becomes she is different of a person whom she does not know to read and to write she is illiterate or, knowing to read and to write, she does not make the use of the reading and the writing it is alfabetizada, but she is not scholar, it does not live in the state or condition of who knows to read and to write and practises the reading and the writing (Magda Soares, 2006, P..