Czech Republic

Ready accounts for Czech companies with solid capital, as reflected in the accounts. Private accounts Czech foreign individuals to provide financial software and account. Accounting transactions of purchase-sale of goods and services to enhance the firm in the Czech Republic, tax and deductions to the state funds the Czech Republic. Registration of vacant seats on the foreign firm citizens and their arrangement in the firm through the Czech Ministry of Labour, with the subsequent registration with the State funds the Czech Republic and the payroll and deductions from the Fund c / o n. Accounting support for record-keeping and payroll for his company. Accounting audit with the participation of Czech and Russian accountants to analyze the activity of legal entity and making the company a register of active firms in the Czech Republic applying for financial support. Legal services in the Czech Republic in the business law, challenging the decision to liquidate the company in the Czech Republic in the courts of the city of Prague.

Attorneys for the real estate transaction support Czech law and advocacy assistance in difficult situations. Individual and Family Russian human rights lawyer in Prague. Russian defense lawyers in Prague on business, real estate, professional convictions, violations rights of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic. Protection of Russian international lawyer from the Czech legislation in Prague. Russian-speaking lawyer in Prague and case management with knowledge of economic Czech legislation. Our Lawyer for Russian speakers in Prague helps to firm, real estate, visa extensions, documentation, selection of insurance and the filing of documents at the consulate. Provide an ideal addresses of the personal residence for foreigners and legal addresses in different parts of Prague for service and online office. The ideal option for preparing for the procedure for filing documentation of an alien at the consulate the Czech Republic is presence in our office and work with our psychologist and lawyer.

Two to three working days prior to filing at the consulate with the discussion of business plans, investment projects, acquisition of housing and business in the Czech Republic are determining factor in obtaining the Czech visa. Online insurance in the Czech Republic maxim, fame, cdw unikva, third country nationals in 10 minutes worth over 80,000 euros. Visa to the Czech Republic receive our lawyers, the client should come only the time of submission of documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic in the eu. Correctly and competently discovery firms in the Czech Republic, a clear understanding of the future tasks of an alien entrepreneur, linking his former experience in the final result and give ground state authorities for the issuance of Czech visas multibiznes with a residence permit in the Czech Republic. Statistics reports on visa denials in the Czech consulates located in the euro area speak for themselves, only 8% following angles three quarters of 2010 were refused. Consulate of Czech Republic in the eu, as a rule, give an explanation to the applicant of the reasons for visa refusal. Consulates are located in the territory of the Chechen Republic Russian situation with visas in 2010, right opposite. Summarizing the preliminary results of immigration to the Czech Republic in 2010, it should be noted, has changed a lot, but the principle of obtaining the status of the country remained the same and running.

Wholesale Trade

Wholesale trade is the first link in the implementation of manufactured or purchased items. This is an activity for the sale of goods intended for retailers, that is, for those who would sell their end- consumer. Add to your understanding with Dropbox. The need for this level, intermediate between the manufacturer and retailer of the goods, due to the fact that, on the one hand, the manufacturer of the goods, as mentioned, is usually more profitable to invest not in trade and the development of its production, and with another – the retailer is usually not enough money for it to take the trade entirely. Concentration in the hands of the wholesaler provides considerable material resources him the opportunity to respond flexibly and efficiently dispose, and for retailers makes the benefits of working in familiar, reliable, proven channel. At Evergreen Capital Partners you will find additional information. For wholesale trade generally have the following objectives: the formation of cost range of products through their organized buying large quantities from manufacturers; storage of goods that reduces storage costs, reduce loss from spoilage and loss of goods; product placement closer to the consumers – in the light of this requirement are wholesalers-base; the formation of small quantities of goods to retailers; financing (loans) retailers; establish contacts with the buyer, bringing him to purchase goods of this firm; information for trade (both of suppliers and buyers); advice and assistance in the retail dealers, primarily in management, accounting, etc.; assumption of risk for injury and loss of product as it moves through the channel of distribution. .