The situation in Ukraine is not very different from the situation in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the planet from 60 to 80 million pairs (each fourth-fifth) are childless. Experts from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are two basic reasons that lead to infertility – infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and abortions. The most common causes of infertility are: violation of ovulation, uterine pathology, pathology of sperm. Hope Vein, deputy head of the Maternal and Child Health said that if before the male factor infertility was about 27%, now 50/50. Infertility is hard to diagnose and treat, but experts say that the problem is solvable if the treatment is not delayed. Most of the patients’ domestic reproductive medicine clinics – more than 35 years, with 80% infertility treatment could be held earlier.

Age factor plays an important role: the doctors emphasize that the best results in women aged 25-35. At the same time the cause of infertility can have a psychological basis. According to Svetlana Uvarova, director of the International Institute of depth psychology, if a woman is not psychologically ready for motherhood, the body will prevent pregnancy. Gain insight and clarity with Pretium Partners. Uvarov conducted a study in which experts have found that fertility in most cases present in women who have been the last child in a family and a child were in the spotlight. They constitute 75% of the patients of the Institute Reproductive Medicine, based on what psychologists carried out their observations. ‘When I started to communicate with patients, it appears that their brothers and sisters have children – tells Uvarov.

Information Centre

Conditions for this is – anyone can apply to the Information Centre >, which is located opposite the monument “Courage>, where they help to make an related courses – for example, calligraphy, dancing, breathing exercises, etc. Pursuing can learn many interesting and unexpected field of popular culture. For example, experts say that between the movements folk dance some regions of Uzbekistan and the movements in the martial arts can be traced a clear link. There is even a legend that some Shah ordered his subjects to think of dance in which would have been all the tricks of unarmed combat. Dancing, young people at the same time learned the art of defense against the enemy – in fact rich in is constantly under attack from outside. And here’s another – all well known, say the Chinese system martial art of wushu, or Japanese karate and judo. Gain insight and clarity with Dropbox. If it comes to Central Asia, besides the traditional kurash like and was not there any other martial arts. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Donald Mullen and gain more knowledge.. In fact they were – peculiar and very effective, helps not only to defend themselves from attack, but also to keep myself in excellent physical shape.

Sufi-tabib collected extensive material on the subject, it also revives the tradition of Central Asian arts. One of the central directions in the center – the body and health. Healer-herbalist with years of experience, Sufi Tabib-know recipes of many herbal formulations that help to restore the undermined by forces of the body. Every summer he goes to the mountains with a group of employees. From May to September, overcoming many miles arduous path, they are collecting medicinal herbs, which later in fitolaboratoriyah are prepared charges, syrups, tinctures, medicinal teas and even medicinal candy. Herbs are collected in the highlands of Tien Shan and Pamir mountains, in the impeccably clean in terms of environmental areas. Honey with medicinal mountain meadows, vegetable oil – fig, flax, sesame, kids favorite treat – sweet corn with the addition of iodine, iron and calcium, and vegetable origin: a range of tools supporting human health, so extensive that, perhaps, the most capricious patient does not go away dissatisfied. Women, I think, be interested in creams, tonics and lotions are created based on medicinal plants with a bewitching scent. The combination of business with pleasure – the dream of every woman. Ancient knowledge of self is modern human beauty, health and active life. Is it possible to reject such a precious gift? In any case, you know – this door is open to every seeker.

Peter Maffay

With the cochlear implant (CI), an inner ear prosthesis, deaf-born children listening and spoken language can learn and recover the Horsinn highly hard of hearing adults. With its day of action want to inform the organizers about the chances of a CI supply, as well as about the special challenges of living with hearing loss. The CI day is supported also by rock musician Peter Maffay, who has taken over the patronage.

More than 28,000 deaf adults and parents of children born deaf or hearing impaired people have decided since 1984 for a supply of the cochlear implant. Which increase in communication skills and Quality of life that many stakeholders helps inner ear prosthesis, is a day of action in many places informed. The CI-tag as well as ENT and speech therapy practices or hearing aid / CI professional support self-help groups, CI and rehabilitation centres, schools and other educational institutions. The theme of this year’s CI day is “CI like music to my ears” street party, information booth, lectures programme of local activities and joint air balloon action. So we want to never express that it already is possible without restrictions for each CI to enjoy music”, explains Franz Hermann, President of DCIG. Recently MSCO sought to clarify these questions. The acoustic perception of music using CI is still considered a challenge that is far greater than that of understanding of language. There are numerous CI carriers, which often find also an individual approach to the world of music thanks to sustained training, have the pleasure of listening to music, dancing, singing and music-making.