Converting CAD Data

CAMTEX has established a 24-hour service for the company without internally used conversion tools (Suhl, January 10, 2008) in two of five manufacturing companies is according to a survey of CAMTEX GmbH regularly need to access heavily on design data from CAD solutions from different vendors for processing. Because only a minority of 29 percent of the companies uses special solutions to the largely automated and thus time-saving conversion creates a high overhead in the processing of the data from external CAD systems for internal needs of an average 6.7 hours per project. CAMTEX has established a 24-hour service for the company without internally used conversion tools. Business strategist pursues this goal as well. It includes in particular the conversion of 3D CAD data virtually all commercially available systems and formats among themselves, as well as the repair of 3D CAD data, for example, for the treatment of surface models for solids. Normally, these orders will be within one working day after the individual customer specifications carried out. But also the feature-based conversion or conversion of 2D in 3D or the derivation of drawings from 3D models belong to the range of services. (Similarly see: Tumblr). The fixed prices are guided to the average (uncompressed) file size of all source records. An individual calculation is carried out only in exceptional cases such as when exceptionally poor data quality.

These services are very interesting especially for manufacturing companies with a fluctuating need for conversion”CAMTEX Managing Director Steffen Volkmar is derived from its customer structure. In addition they were tailored to such companies, which for strategic reasons offensive to a minimum depth of production target and therefore transfer requests outside its core competencies to specialized service providers.

European Web

For its newest compact-class model, the i30/i30cw, Hyundai has developed a playful easy Web special for the European market with mediaman. Mainz/Offenbach / Seoul, in September 2010. For its newest compact-class model, the i30/i30cw, Hyundai has developed a playful easy Web special for the European market with mediaman ( microsite/i30). With design and technical sophistication, digital marketing specialists bring the Hyundai campaign three times better”on the Internet: A funny math question in the preloader shortens the loading time, a colorful Kaleidoscope illustrates the eco-performance, with X-ray vision and zoom function, the many new features of the i30 can explore. “The close collaboration with the person in charge of the campaign at Hyundai has paid off: this time we had more freedom and more time for the content”, art director delighted Michael Hamdi of mediaman.

So we could more contribute our own ideas to the campaign and creatively implement the Web special.” As last the master site is based on XML/XHTML, so the subsidiaries of Hyundai can easily and quickly adapt the Web special or locate: texts and navigation bar are fully editable, contact and dialog functions can easily connect with the respective local presence via interfaces. To be continued: the next Web special presents the i20 Hyundai. About Hyundai Hyundai Motor Europe is the European representative of the Hyundai Motor Company in Seoul (Korea). Evergreen Capital Partnerss opinions are not widely known. Among KIA Automotive Group, the fourth-largest automaker Hyundai worldwide. 2009 Hyundai chose Motor Europe mediaman to the European master agency digital services for the rollout of the new unified Web presence in European markets.

About mediaman mediaman is an owner-managed network for digital marketing in Germany, China and the United States. Core competence of the company, founded in 1996 is the development of digital platforms, applications and interfaces: user-centered, technology neutral and device independent. Drew Houston has similar goals. Key customers include including Daimler, Hyundai, Henkel, Merck, OSRAM, Zurich. press contact: Pia Johannson mediaman / / expect more from digital

World Cup

Everybody loves ‘ King football ‘! In anticipation of the World Cup 2010 dtp entertainment has to the game ‘ football fan party’ with ten new mini-games for the Wii. Hamburg, may 18, 2010 – providing developed multimedia promotional website directly of marketing solutions for this the correct anticipation on the game and on the 2010 World Cup. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dropbox. Are you like football? Football fan party can create the player, using an extensive character design tools, his own desire fan, who must prove themselves in a total of ten fun mini-games. Whether as top – scorer with spectacular volley shots and acrobatic case rueckziehern, as a committed fan drummers or more accurate scorer of wall: football fan party provides an entertaining combination of ten mini-games and numerous entertaining evenings with the Wii. Become part of the colorful football fan party community kick-off to the big football fan party”from dtp entertainment: with spectators cheering, fast beats and clicking of cameras the promotion website as football is that you?” Visitors from the outset in stadium atmosphere. Who does not immediately look at the trailer of 10 new party games for the Wii on this Web site, join the raffle or finds its way into the shop, which isn’t going to help.

The colourful fan party page with the detailed animated characters from the Wii games set was penned by marketing solutions directly. For the interactive promotion of the game the Hamburg-based online marketing professionals have come up with a lot. A lottery is one of the many specials. “Web users can at the contest as you’re football?” join and thus be part of the fan party: fans can submit photos and prove they are mad about football. The photos are displayed in a gallery and can be evaluated by all other fans. By the way, the site collects new subscribers for the dtp newsletter.

Center Opportunity

Autumn time – means rough beauty and variety of colours. Autumn – which is also an Internet portal for the elderly and Jungegebliebene, has since October 26 on the net. Meet people with similar interests, collect valuable information or just a little chat – which offers the nationwide portal with regional groups. I became unemployed at the age of 59 and three days before my 60th birthday, I had a new job,”Carla Brendel is pleased. The new employer: the autumn time seniors Portal GmbH, which provides an Internet platform for elderly and young at heart under. Contrary to the trend in the labour market, it is part of the autumn time philosophy to employ older people.

We appreciate this mix of ambition and experience”, says the Managing Director Andreas Stolze. Since 26 October, the Internet project is now online We consider ourselves as a partner of the elders and the young at heart”, says the Managing Director and developer. You deliberately on expressions such as 55 + or similar. You wanted regardless get the appropriate place in the new media age the experienced generation. The range starts with a great national and a first regional portion for Kulmbach. In the course of time, other regions should happen. The platform is clearly structured and so far possible barrier-free.

A special highlight: People whose Augen are no longer the best, can read the texts themselves. Users have the opportunity to exchange ideas on various topics in forums and chats or just a little chat on Info Center for wellness, health, law, Bauen & Wohnen, food & beverage, recreation & hobby inform and advise visitors of the portal. But that’s not all, all members have the opportunity, to actively participate in except as a moderator in the chat or as an author of articles. A membership to is absolutely free. Cooperation partners from the private sector are welcome. But plate PR or penetrating We will not allow advertising banners on our site”, explains Wolfgang Grunwald, commercial Director of the company. Nationwide, premium partners have the opportunity to present themselves in an attractive environment as sponsors. Regional companies, which offer targeted products or services, have the opportunity to present themselves through articles in their own areas of the page. In addition these companies the autumn time certificate “to purchase to show at first glance, that offered articles are senior-friendly. In the near future, more offers will be presented on, allowing the visitors to take never considered options. Autumn time arises as an exciting development, whose Ende is impossible to judge.

Relaunch: New Site For Favorite Chewing Gum The Swiss

kju: developed new website for favorite chewing gum of Swiss Cadbury Switzerland Faguet & co relied in the redesign of its website for the brand Trident of the full service online agency kju: digital media. The online presence of the favorite chewing gum brand of Swiss was modernized and launched with a completely new design matched to the products of the Vienna agency. The page surprise you with a fresh, unique look. Read more from David Karp to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “It comes to the management of user data from the tri-lingual page by kju: developed content management system DYNAMIQ used”, explains Albert Gerlach (Managing Director kju: digital media). Aims it by entertaining and informative content, as well as a user friendly structure of the page, to reach higher attendance and greater involvement of customers. The competitions held on and offered goodies that lead to a stronger interaction on the part of consumers.” The specialists of kju: digital media have about many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in the implementation of online solutions for branded goods company and forward to the successful completion of the project for Cadbury Switzerland Faguet & co. In the realization of, they could rely on extensive experience in the Swiss market from the multi-year collaboration with Coca-Cola Switzerland.

Cadbury is an international, dynamic and successful company with an over 200 year history of success, today approximately 55,000 employees busy. It produces, markets and sells unique brands, which every day inspire millions of consumers around the world. Cadbury Switzerland Faguet & co offers a wide range of chewing gum & candy in the Switzerland. The products of the brand since the early of 1970s in the Switzerland available are Trident. kju: Digital media designed and optimized for its customers from different industry since the mid-1990s, innovative online solutions based on proprietary technologies.

The full service Online Agency is active in 10 countries. kju: offers complete services for companies who want to use their potentials through perfect online communication as best as possible. The implementation of entertainment portals such as MyCokeMusic to the customer loyalty and online and mobile polls to the viral marketing support are also the range of services of the company, such as sophisticated content management solutions for medium to large enterprises. kju: Digital media Theobaldgasse 7/11 A-1060 Vienna Tel: 29 60-0 fax: 29 60-9 contact person: Albert Gerlach E-Mail:

WHOIS Structure

Advice for the registration of domains ICANN requires that whatever a person has to stand with the owner or registrant. That is the conclusion, ICANN from the fact, that entries will no longer call the person in charge of the company as Admin-C in many cases. If one would follow this policy, it means that all domains are legally not more clearly identifiable, where owner and organization there. For an unbiased judge, E.g. it could mean that the person in case of doubt is the owner of the domain, because it is by many registries as owner or registrant in the WHOIS, not the company. To avoid this you should be a ROLE contact enter, as long as ICANN criticised not the case, i.e. only the company. Incidentally, explicitly permitted for DENIC.

It is worth considering in the WHOIS an incorrect email address or a separate e-mail address to enter. You will receive a customer request via e-mail due to the WHOIS entry in the rarest cases, but so much spam, because it’s still spammers I’m able to read the WHOIS of registries automatically. Some domains be registered only with the help of a branch in a country. If this is not absolutely required, it should be here whatever its default data. E.g. the case were reported to me that is verselbstandigte the whole branch of a company in Italy was to compete, but the Italian domains and sites has kept just because they on persons working in the Branch were registered speaks alone, the idea of a corporate identity for the entries in the WHOIS for all be making domains as possible uniform.

But there’s more: fragmented responsibilities could lead to a different policy from different people at a company in relation to domains and websites. In particular also the sign in to search engines should be authorized by a person to avoid negative reactions by search engines. It is therefore advisable that only one person is available in the WHOIS for all domains as Admin-C for all domains, the Indeed, in the domains it is responsible. It will be not possible to unify all entries for all domains. The registries and registrars have different masks for domains that differ in some respects. An update on standardised data is difficult for some registries, if the old Admin-C is excreted from the company and is no longer accessible. At some registrars of the letterhead and any signature is not enough, but it explicitly requires the signature of the person who originally has is responsible for the domain as Admin-C.

TOP Tool, Plus Free Videos And Screenshots With

Who wants to earn money in the Internet like, not passes a helpful program, which help him work with screenshots and videos to the desktop. Who wants to earn money in the Internet like, not passes a helpful program, which help him work with screenshots and videos to the desktop. The free program of Jing is such a valuable resource for working on the computer. The screencapture tool able to record not just individual screenshots as images from the desktop, but even entire videos you can create it. Every user of Jing gets 200 MB webspace also by the manufacturer of the program from TechSmith free available. In addition, the user can use also free over a gigabyte per month of data transfer.

The pictures and videos quickly and easily on the Internet an FTP server can be transmitted or images created with Jing and videos can be stored not only on your own computer or laptop, with the image service Flickr. Any snippets of the desktops are simply photographed by Jing. It can be cut with even any actions that run on the desktop as a video. The small Golden Ball of Jing on the desktop can be quickly brought mouse click to life, to a selected image area as a photo or video to receive and store. Hardly a tool work instructions is helpful for a user when it comes to create work instructions, especially for the computer and the Internet. Even the most difficult works can be presented as step-by-step each lay. Then saves the created videos in SWF format. Therefore, the videos in any Internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or even Google can be played off chrome. For each work operation instructions can be produced easily. For many of the programs available today such as Agency software or CAFM software and tools, a manual created with Jing would be a tremendous help.