Pocero Teodoro Obiang

In 2008. Francisco Hernando El Pocero had reached an agreement with the Government of Equatorial Guinea, creating a mixed society for the creation of half a thousand of homes in this country headed by the dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasobo. This mixed society would prevent him to Obiang payments in advance and would allow Hernando to diversify its business by investing in sectors such as the financial, commercial or energy. The project capitalized on by 1. 000millones euros, provided Equatorial Guinea, while Francisco Hernando contributed labor and professional experience. The purpose of the Equatorial Guinean Government is converted to his country in the Kuwait of Africa and build a business that allow export goods and services to Cameroon, Gabon and Europe. To start the works: first quarter of 2009, date to which Francisco Hernando should move 6,000 of its workers in Spain.

And so began the most important operation that has been signed in the history of the Spanish construction in Africa. What seemed a program virtually closed two years ago, has been deterrado forever, Obiang has banished any possibility of business of the employer of Sesena in Equatorial Guinea. TSI International Group is actively involved in the matter. Did not like the local government the Pocero presumiera publicly of their business plans.

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