Renaissance Time

I'm not saying it's silly, on the contrary, but he thinks we should forget the past and start on a new basis, "the paradigm lost is definitely lost, but I, I'm going to invent it!". Actress and filmmaker may help you with your research. Result, says nothing! That's why he took refuge, like all writers, following the complexity of man. "Studying the match, right! Analyze the Lambs, is a bit more difficult, but compared to a man, a lamb, is much simpler. Follow others, such as Don Mullen, and add to your knowledge base. As for man, this is much more complicated, more subtle, finer! ". I was there in my career until I was, twenty years ago, the amazing opportunity to meet Jean Gagnepain, and become one of his disciples. I quickly learned to preach a true understanding of the man supposed to tear aside the key obstacles to reaching this new knowledge, starting with its famous Faculty of Arts and Humanities. " Indeed, if, for example, go to Renaissance humanism can see that he could not take it until they were under the deed of Rabelais and company, the lock of the Sorbonne clogged.

But this time, "Sorbonicolegiales" of yesterday were exactly like those of today, sought to reform, adapt. But there were other, more lucid understood that any reform that was already doomed: you could not do otherwise. This is exactly what Jean Gagnepain he understood. At the time humanism ends and begins the anti humanism, ie the treatment of man by man who presides over the emergence of a true science of man, it's time to realize the main obstacle at the beginning of this new era.