In the days of modernity, where the chemistry and use of many products for the trade and industrialization have forced researchers to invent one after another each of products that generate us comfort or utilities, we have that oil is not one of those minerals that have been alien to this phenomenon. Gain insight and clarity with David Karp. Indeed, in the present day are many derivatives of petroleum that are used for various purposes in the market. We would like to talk a little about these derivatives of petroleum in the following article. Many are the petroleum products that exist in him world and which are manufactured by different chemical industries around the world. Despite that there are many petroleum-based all over the world and these are used for very different purposes and different types, we would like to talk mainly of the petroleum products more known by the whole world: we refer to those derived from petroleum that are used as fuels, which in turn serve many different purposes. Derivatives of the oil of which we will discuss in this article will be light gasoline, which is used for the mobilization of small motors that do not need a very strong burning in order to function. We will also talk about the petroleum products that are called gasoline heavy, these derivatives of petroleum are those who serve for the operation of explosion engines, which are so important in modern industry.

Aviation gasoline, which requires a special composition to operate with enough force to lift portentous flying and equipment that we serve for air transportation of things and persons shall be disclosed. In addition lampante oil, which is a derivative of the oil not very common in the present day, as this was used in lamps which operated petroleum-based and he was replaced by electric lamps that work connected to an electrical outlet or who work through battery virtually shall be disclosed. Another oil that you should of mentioned is the Gas/Oil, which is used in car engines although it is not as effective as it can be the gasoline that commonly are tanquean trucks in today. It can not be overlooked the most famous fuel oil, which is gasoline which commonly used cars of all cities and even in the most rural areas, this is perhaps one of the petroleum products that most people know because they have had direct contact with the. Finally, it is worth mentioning the petroleum products called heavy products, which include a variety of products that do not serve as fuel, but are used for industrial purposes or for various household purposes. As we can see, there are many derivatives of oil that have to do with the processing and industrialization of oil for the manufacture of products that serve as fuel for the engines of different means of transport, the operation of household appliances and other different industrial and domestic uses. Is not much thing that we say in this article on the petroleum products in reality, however, we hope that this little information will serve to orient the reader about different petroleum products that exist in the world.