Spanish State

By reconstruction it is understood that they would remain in Sun a minimum of people. It implies to reduce, to eliminate some commission. Assemblies of districts This Saturday, in more than 120 districts and municipalities of the Community of Madrid met summoned by the Movement 15-M to continue the asambleario and citizen movement. In many of them the decision has been to return to meet the Saturday that comes to continue debating and exerting direct and agreed democracy in the places of the districts. In the majority of the districts one has become calls to solidarity with the rest of encamped in the Spanish State and anywhere in the world, especially with the one of Barcelona after the attempt of evacuation that carried out the council of Interior of the Generalitat Catalana (Catalan Government). Here, TSI International Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Assembly of noon the spokesmen of the 144 assemblies of the movement 15-M celebrated these last days in the districts and towns of Madrid debated at noon if they followed with the protest in the Door of the Sun, besides setting out the agreements reached with the neighbors who have participated in this initiative. The turn of intervention of each spokesman has been decided by drawing and each account with two minutes to inform into the reached agreements, and in case of exceeding the settled down time, the participants begin to rolar the arms to prevent that she continues herself speaking. MSCO may find this interesting as well. First in taking the word he was the representative of the Madrilenian locality of Village of the Ash, a woman who has begun her intervention very moved and it has said that " this is a dream that is becoming realidad" , although at no moment it has made mention to if it supports to maintain or not the Sun protest. According to it has explained, in the assembly of his town have participated seventy people, who, among others subjects, have decided the abolition of the Monarchy and the Senate, the nonparticipation of Spain in combat operation or NATO, and the right of the town to retire the councilmen who do not fulfill their work correctly. This assembly, has announced its spokesman, will meet next the 11 of June, whereas others do 4 day and another every week. During the celebration of the assembly in the Door of the Sun, that began to the 12,20 hours, and that had two interpreters of the language of sordomudos, people remained sitting in the ground, although she abri corridors to allow to happen to the passers-by. Source of the news: Sun consensus: the encamped ones remain, although lacking to know how and until when

Discovering New Talents

It has been celebrated in Barcelona Gamelab, a cycle of conferences and exhibitions that serve as encounter for important developers of videojuegos. Many of the representatives have done of ‘ ojeadores’ in search of talents. The looked for profiles more young are just left studies of design or postgraduates specialized and professional with labor experience. Gamelab is much more that a cycle of conferences and exhibitions for fans to the videojuegos. It is an encounter with representatives of important developers, that often they act of ‘ ojeadores’ in search of young talents of the programming of videojuegos, the dream of which they grew up to is of the ocarina of The Legend of Zelda or of the psychedelic world of Super Mario Bros. Ubisoft Barcelona is profiteer the fair to gather curricula of assistants in search of an opportunity to dedicate itself to its passion, as it has affirmed David Darns, producer of Ubisoft Spain: ” We have some vacant positions that we want to cover, but also looked for to take advantage of encounter like this discovering new talentos”.

The profiles more looked for to enter the industry of videojuego young are just left studies of design or postgraduates specialized and professional with labor experience. The essential requirement knows it clearly to Darns: ” Passion by videojuegos” , since it is a discipline to which too much time is dedicated to him, reason why must exist motivations beyond the money. A complicated industry Is one that thinks that the reality of the industry is a little different, and that the prime experience on the interest or the formation. Daniel Alonso, student of the Pompeu Fabra, has commented that to dedicate itself to the creation of videojuegos is complicated: ” Without experience they do not employ to you and if you do not work you do not have experiencia”. For that reason, many students who want to direct their labor future to this industry, create videojuego as project of study aim that serves to them like professional business card. Microsoft also is Gamelab profiteer abrir doors to future self-taught developers with the publication of ‘ kit’ in order to create applications for Kinect.