Great Companies

It terrifies to them to think that we can discover what they already know beforehand and in fact, enough are surprised who we have still not been conscious of what the game goes and how we can " to end ellos". Very they are surprised; they feel anxious we discover because them once and for all. That is what they have wished during millenia and we have not made them any case and now they are a little nervous with that of we are going which them to pillage with the hands in the mass. They wish so much it, but they do not say it, they do not whisper like are bent like children in a corner of a dark room to see we catched if them and we give them liberation that needs and that has yearned for as much time As is great connoisseurs of the polarity law we have to say that they perfectly know WHERE TO BE AND WITH THOSE WHO TO BE. For this reason, so many infiltrated in great corporations, great companies, great NGOs, great banks, great stuffed you the target. They are where except the delays.

It must thus be. It is a law and know they it. In order to dominate it EVERYTHING (or that he is what they create) they must be everywhere, even in those opposite sites to his own interests, to his own plans. They must be there, they do and it. They are extraordinarily implacable, working, astute, visionary and very determining. We would have to imitate them in all the great qualities that they have. They are the GREAT HACEDORES of the universe.

The great creators of holograms, of global, collective plans are of a so acute cleverness, so fine, so voracious. And those infiltrations are realised in all the great centers of light, they are companies or businesses, or religions or fashions, or art or spectacle, or what you wish and if there is some disturbing element in the salad that wishes to enjoy does, it from within. It works thus, have done always it thus.