Meat Salads

Salad Ingredients Aragon ham – 150 g egg – 4 pcs, Tomatoes – 4 pieces, Bulgarian pepper – 2 pieces, black olives – 50 grams, lettuce, olive oil – 4 tbsp. spoons, wine vinegar – 1 tbsp. spoon, salt and pepper. Preparation * This salad is a national Spanish cuisine .* ham cut into thin strips. Boil eggs, peel and cut into 4 wedges. Tomatoes cut into wedges. Pepper cut into strips.

For filling mix olive oil and wine vinegar. Place on a plate lettuce, then tomatoes, eggs, sweet peppers, ham and olives. Lightly salt and pepper and pour over the dressing. Enjoy your meal! Yum-yum source Hedgehog with Korean marinated mushrooms carrots Ingredients – 200g (one can sauteed mushrooms), chicken breast – 200 grams, an egg – 3 pieces, onions – 1, cheese – 250 g cucumber – 2 pieces, fennel, black olives – 3 pc. Korean carrots – 400 g of cooking on a dish to put cucumbers cut into slices. Add fresh herbs on top dill. 1 Layer – marinated mushrooms, or sauteed mushrooms to put on top of fennel.

2 Layer – Boil chicken breast with spices, chopped. Put mushrooms on top and rub with mayonnaise. Layer 3 – fried onions in butter. 4 Layer – grated or finely chopped eggs, oil mayonnaise. 5 Layer – grated cheese. Layer 6 – Korean carrot. From olives to make the hedgehog's eyes and nose. Enjoy your meal! Yum-yum Source salad with ham ham Ingredients – 150 g cheese (feta), 100 g, 1 piece lemon-lettuce-0, 5, beam, Bulgarian pepper – 1, olive oil 3 tablespoons, salt, freshly ground pepper. * Preparation before cooking, place lettuce in a bowl of cold water, then the salad will be more * crispy ham and peppers cut into strips. Cheese cut into small cubes, lettuce can break into small pieces with his hands. In a small glass jar or shaker squeezing lemon juice, add the olive oil, salt and pepper. Cover the lid and shake well. Filling is ready. Then the salad mix well. Enjoy your meal! Yum-yum Source