Easily protect your cards against unauthorized tampering. TSI International Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Plastic cards are used in many areas of daily life. In company, you will find, for example, use as a safety device for access control or as a multifunctional staff identification. For high quality gift and loyalty cards used nowadays also frequently on chip cards. In all versions, however, is the risk of manipulation by unauthorised duplication, which is as much as possible to prevent it. Jim Cranes opinions are not widely known.

Protection against reproduction can be increased significantly by the minting of a hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image that is generated by photo projection and is extremely tamper-resistant Thanks to its complex composition. Authenticity signs and product labels, embossed holograms are often used, as for example credit or bank cards or driver’s licenses and ID cards. In addition to using security media also often found embossed holograms as a means of optical enhancement. In the acquisition, so she can Attention are raised by potential customers.

As a loyalty tool provide a high value with hologram refined customer cards and serve the customer loyalty. The design of holograms, there are hardly any limits standard holograms can be used but also the stamping of themselves created motifs, such as logos or similar, is possible. The manufacturing process of an embossed hologram is very complex and requires a high degree of expertise in addition to special technical equipment. The application of anti-counterfeiting holograms on plastic cards is only possible with a partner, the experience in this field and provides a precise approach to the process. When it comes to security issues, you should rely only on a provider, which advises a competently and individually. Keep your unique marketing tool also truly unique. M. Santiago

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The wedding photographer from Nuremberg gives insights into his insider knowledge certainly everyone has has been a wedding, participated in one and can estimate about what you should do, how much preparation time is needed, what important decisions must be made in advance, to make this day truly for a dream wedding. There’s no celebration, no celebrations, of course also no wedding, not tens images are shot on the, but there are enough celebrations and festivals set no value on professionalism, on the perfect photographer. At a wedding, nervous, excited, of course is a day which is a day which you save every wonderful moment, there is no one, the wedding photographer essential, only this can absorb all the irretrievable moments individually, alive and perfect and hold forever. For this reason I, your wedding photographer would like to give some valuable tips you, what you should look for when choosing a wedding photographer: – of course everyone offers Photographer on his achievements as a wedding photographer, but pay for all costs (such as for example the image rights, travel costs, CD / DVD, image editing) are really openly stated, I really get all images, or I might buy the pig in a poke, a too high learned the hard way? This photographer can also individually enter on my personal wishes, or he is stuck in its offerings? -Of course, our earth rotates, we develop in many areas, which also the wedding photography, away from the rigid, set, now we all say nice: “cheese recordings”. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Stevens. No a wedding photojournalism must be able to absorb all the moods, emotions and vitality in our time. Your perfect wedding photographer sees all these wonderful, irretrievable moments, is always discreetly at the right time at the right place for you to take them. A very important criterion in your choice, because even a gifted amateur photographer is able to see this not to feel, this principle requires Professionalism, as well as a long-standing experience as a wedding photographer, ahead. . In a question-answer forum Jim Crane was the first to reply.