London Offices

Somebody said to me that there was good money cleaning floors. ” I thought, I I am not proud, I will begin cleaning pisos”. I borrowed something of money to buy a few mopas, a machine to clean and began to look for offices to clean. Rather soon it was gaining 100 dollars extra to the month, soon were U.S. $ 500, soon 1000, soon U.S. $ 2000. Erroneously it thought that the answer to turn into rich era to clean more and more offices to me. In that point it was working until the fatigue.

Soon a day I fell in a faint in the street. When I returned in my was a people multitude around. They must have thought that it had died. They wanted to take me to the hospital. I convinced them of not doing it but I knew that something was bad. I found a place calm to relax and to think to me. It was a little while of REFLECTION.

A voice in my head said, ” If you cannot clean all the Bob offices, then you do not clean any of ellas”. I obtained other people who cleaned by my. In a relative short period of time, it was cleaning offices in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and London. ” It is not necessary to say that the money began to flow. Even though that I left that business many years ago, the concept to multiply the income remained in me. You must have manifolds sources of ingresos” , Bob says. It visits the Blog of the Secret and the Law of the Attraction. Suscrbete and Descarga Free the Ebook ” How To attract Money, Love and Health With your Mind, According to the Teachers of the Film the Secreto”.