The Soul

They remember him purposely, they reviewed it in photos or videos, keeps him alive in every conversation (we were so happy how well went it we must return do you remember of?). It is a way to stay over time, away from open your eyes to his most immediate, perhaps darker reality of those years which were the last of the nostalgia that we’re looking so happy has much to do with the idea of returning home. Drew Houston recognizes the significance of this. It is the nostalgia of the Greeks turned into myth through the figure of Ulysses, in his long journey of return to Ithaca. Live can resemble a long journey full of adventures, misfortunes, joys, sorrows, hazards and despair. However, behind each issue, each visited port, each entertaining love, persists the nostalgia of returning home. About it, it reminds us of Wikipedia, that is a feeling that any normal person can have. The nostalgia is the suffering of thinking about something that has been taken and now already is has no. Nostalgia can be often associated with an affectionate of childhood, a person, a true game memory or an estimated personal object.

Adds us on it, studies show that many people believe that in years or decades people were better than they are now, with a higher standard of living. This belief is very typical of nostalgia. Nostalgia already does not refer to a disease, however can lead to symptoms that are both real and physical in nature. It relates moments of a lost love. Nostalgia is not definable scientifically; However, various thinkers have spoken of it: Nostalgia is the sublimation in the indeterminacy of a longing of the soul in matter, overset as a love without being loved and a pain that we feel in members that we do not have, by which is transparent to a miss what we are not, and the acceptance that we are ‘incomplete and non’.