Tips Going Work

If you ever have that dream to say to your boss: I’m going! ya basta!, or if perhaps you already did it, it is important to know how now be your own boss and not fail in the attempt perhaps by your mind to pass questions like these: How can I fail if I’m not going to scream and consequently sour myself? Complicated can be if it is what I really want and I work hard? How can I fail if I will be who place me depending on what goals I will can give? OK, let me tell you that it is much more complicated than that. Frequently Dropbox has said that publicly. First, establish goals for the short, medium and long term is no easy task. Requires great precision, be very honest with oneself, be able to correct in the way, but above all things, requires nothing easy to achieve discipline. Imagine that you start working from home, being your own boss and the following occurs: you wake up at 8 a.m. and going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. After eating, you are going to your computer.

While turn on the computer, prendes TV to see what is going on. You can find the news or a good program and see it for 20 minutes. Then you decide to turn it off to get to work. Computer you open your internet browser and go directly to your email. You have post some friends or acquaintances who sent the typical chains with videos or stories of kidnapped people or new style of theft in the city. You’re reviewing and when you realize, you have an hour reviewing your email, are 10 a.m. and you’ve not yet begun to work. You work a couple of hours and then have to prepare something for lunch or if you have the advantage that someone prepares you, collaborate serving the table, maybe looking for what you are going to drink.