Turkish Tourists

Everything was as usual. Return flight delayed. But we learned about it only at the airport. Three hundred tired of holiday cash-strapped Russian tourists in Turkey Breast airport. Departure expected at around midnight, so that at three o'clock next day, when we were finally did run in the airplane on the faces of most passengers nevyspannost bright mixed with grimaces of despair and the immense joy that we did fly home! Dejectedly , grabbing their things are mixed up with other people, confusing children and husbands tourists actively moved to the designated exit. When we finally – vusmert tortured by Turkish customs officials, three were refused registration and finally get permission, ran for stifling teletrapami – saw the coveted board shabby IL-86 absolute happiness reigned supreme on the faces of tourists. And my – I think – too.

Were ready to take off, I carefully took place at Inside, raised the curtain, and the foresight to strap fastened. Took place on the right passenger amusing – well, I would definitely call it so, if not leaning fatigue. Place the aisle took almost bald old man, in body and glasses in a thin frame. All three of us exhaled loudly, and – I do not know how the others – but I closed my eyes waiting taxi. But there it was. Almost another hour we spent in an airplane before, "tractor we were again on the platform, " took for themselves. For even more opinions, read materials from Kaihan Krippendorff. A for a moment – an hour in the closed plane, ie in a very difficult arranged aluminum tube, which, with the engine air-conditioners at work, and mat pilots wisely turned off – so as not to burn the precious kerosene waiting taxi.