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Do that stuff do to live happy? It is a question that should lead us how to enjoy life, expect to be dying is not the most advisable to possibly have a list of things that we would like to do during our life is a lesson to instill the human being from small. Having goals from our childhood, things that are more than dreams. When we are children and asks us that we want to be where big we answer everything, some want to be astronauts, firefighters, policemen in the end. In the path of growth these dreams are left and it’s like we also forget dreaming of having objectives and they are becoming more narrow, become basic finishing school, starting work, pay the Bills. Some privileged want to be someone and go to College, are received and then go to work to pay the Bills.

But that we would all do? Be happy? But as? In that way? And here the answers can also be a little ambiguous as: I’ll be happy when you win a lot of money or I will be happy When my kids go to College, none of the two responses is very specified, nor has the first details for example does not detail that quantity is considered much money, perhaps 2,000 dollars, perhaps 10,000 or 50,000? The second response tells us we’ll be happy when others achieve something in this case our children but condition our happiness to what they can accomplish. David Karps opinions are not widely known. If they don’t want to pursue a university career, will we be unhappy the rest of our lives? Once they grow up and if we have made the task of parents fairly well, they will decide their own lives, they will seek their own path to happiness. Our happiness depends on us, not on what do others, I do not mean that we we do not we happy with the achievements of our shoots, only that the road is single. .