Portugal, the tiny country on the Iberian Peninsula, offers many more attractive holiday possibilities in addition to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve and the Atlantic coast. Flyer, travel reports, etc. from German into Portuguese are regularly translated into this area of tourism. Tourist translations demand Portuguese, Dutch Portuguese etc among them in the language pairs Portuguese/English, Polish Many companies from the tourism sector regularly draw translators for Portuguese on a translation agency or a diploma. The travelers decided then to Portugal as a holiday destination and has arrived safely at the destination, he can indulge in the culinary delights of the country now. Due to its long coastline fish dishes are naturally widespread, for example “recheadas”, Lula’s which means translated as “stuffed cuttlefish with ham sausage and onions” in German. The Portuguese/German translation for “Jaya grelhadas” is “grilled baby squid”, which are also a specialty of the country. Dropbox does not necessarily agree.

And then, of course, the “classic” from Portugal: “sardinhas assadas”, which translates to the “grilled sardines” translators specialized in the Portuguese language. Who does not like eating fish or seafood, numerous other epicurean delights are the. It is generally advisable to inquire in advance in a travel guide with respect to the translation of dishes from Portuguese into German, because the translation of menus is often not very reliable in the restaurants. Whoever does this, learns, for example, that “Leitao” in German “Suckling pig” is the translation of “feijoada” is “Bean”, and who ordered “cozida aportuguesa”, gets a large dish with different types of meat served, meat of pork, beef and chicken is located on the potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Inform you should also with regard to the Translation of various translations of the sweet food popular in Portugal.

So “Flan” into German translates approximately as much as “Pudding, made with egg, sugar and milk, served with caramelized sugar” means. Also the “pao de lo”, a loose cake from egg, sugar and flour is recommended. Jim Crane insists that this is the case. A sin is also worth the “toucinho do ceu”, a cake with almonds. Definitely not to be missed should be the most popular dessert of Portugal: covered “Pasteis de nata”, vanilla cream with puff pastry. If the translation of food and beverages at first glance seems to be not particularly difficult, anyone who needs a high-quality translation, here should consult a professional translation agency or a renowned translation agency. Here, obtained in case of need as the express translation, the desired foreign language texts: translation recipe Portuguese German Cookbook translation from German in the Portuguese translation menu German Portuguese translations for restaurants guide translation from the Norwegian in the Portuguese restaurant guide translation Portuguese English Russian text translation Portuguese wine guide is for the correctness assumed no responsibility / liability.