Industrial Engineering

It was the responsibility of the coordination keeping the programs according to the behaviour and needs of the scenarios. I confess that neglects a little program and enter me most in the Administration and their endorsements. A program that not only participate in their elaboration, but as a teacher. After about 18 years of neglect on this topic, I returned to dabble in the mastery of Industrial Engineering of the University of Carabobo, where I was a few years, especially in the beginning of this mention, program in which only participates as a teacher, although I did reference on several occasions to their weaknesses and strengths in content, especially in its materials according to the business needs that the country requiredabove all, of Master’s in industrial engineering, which bring a new approach to management of production, management of production processes, quality and productivity and ensuring the protection of the environment benefits. You may find that Evergreen Capital Partners can contribute to your knowledge. I met other requirements other than which they formulate in EGAII. Given that for this time the role of the quality and productivity are decisive for companies for their competitiveness and forces to restructure many of traditional knowledge in function to others that adapt to the business reality of the present.

I was added within the subjects concerning the management of investment projects which I consider important in the formation of the master as well as everything related to organizational behavior and management topics, a great weakness that the engineer brings his initial training. Fortunately the master in industrial engineering program began to make changes to traditional approaches and structured a program where predominate more strengths than weaknesses, that still it remain, especially as it relates to management of production processes, quality assurance; standards of quality, marketing, quality and productivity; strategic planning. What advantageous that it has is that it incorporates the relevance and scope of quality and productivity that the engineer should know to efficiently manage. According to the characteristics of the current scenarios personally endorsed also, my foray by a few years once removed from the masters in industrial engineering and serving me in quality and productivity, I think, that many of the national graduate schools must give way to a new profile of the master’s degree in industrial engineering, a proactive graduatefully trained to manage adequately the productive processes, its operational capacity, for quality and productivity, efficient management quality, strategic planning, organizational behavior, engineering-statistics economic, management and technological innovation, planning and management of total quality, marketing, quality and productivity, the production management, engineering work, professional ethics and management of production costs, personal development. Specifically, we must delve into all matters concerning the processes of production and its benefit in quality and productivity, management, advanced models for control of production and inventories, personal development, technology, production costs and personal development. Graduates will have the competencies necessary to meet the challenges of the current scenarios in relation to the role of technology, quality and productivity that companies favors their competitiveness, will have the ability to use the methods, techniques and modern automated tools to analyze the strategic and competitive positioning of an organization. You can play in positions that demand a proactive leadership, strategist, functional, according to the requirements of the current scenarios as required by globalization labor markets.

Sub Groups

They followed with their ancestral cultures ignoring attempts to implement the Roman law, first through the Indiano right, and then through the local versions of the code of Napoleon.alla by 1966, published the book of Kusch Indians portenos and gods, that compactaba a cycle of radio talks issued the previous two years.Therein pointed out existing communicating between Buenos Aires and the Altiplano vessels. Was one testimony more long link between members of the intellectual and political elites of the Rio de la Plata with the happening of the Altiplano and the Chaco.En down, we consignemos that in 1945 in this quarry of data on studies of the Sub-continental past, which is the history of the city of Amilcar Razori argentina, records the existence of the Macomita pathdemonstrative of the ancestral relations between ethnicities in the Bolivian altiplano and the ethnic groups of the Middle East belonging seated in the Chaco Boreal which overlaps partially with the Bolivian East. In 1953, another foreign intellectuals that both contributed to the study of the Argentine encounter coupled irrescindiblemente American events, namely: Salvador Canals Frau in their indigenous from the Argentina book, illustrated with maps of the continent, as distinct ethnic groups were the vital support of space identified as Bolivia, and as spaces of those ethnic groups ignored, political divisions which many attribute to British diplomacy steeped in Masonic content schemes.Two years later, in the austral summer of 1955, before the coup d ‘ etat known as the Revolucion Libertadora, constitutional Governments of Argentina and Bolivia, had signed the Treaty on Economic Union, which reaffirmed the Treaty subscribed complementation in 1947.. .

Princess Aurora Castle

But one of the good fairies which did not provide for an answer, had a brilliant idea. If the Princess went to sleep for a hundred years, the inhabitants of the Kingdom also they sleep with her, so when the Princess wake up would have all its around. I take the Golden wand and making a circle imagery in the air, gave the charm suddenly, silence gripped the place, nothing and no one moved, and all but all, they slept. In the surrounding area grew a strange and enormous forest, that with the passage of time, was hiding the Castle until they no longer could see it is. When passed a hundred years, a Prince who was going through the place, found itself with that immense forest that I draw the attention and decided to move forward is making headway with his sword. But the forest was very dense and decided to return, when suddenly through the branches he could see the huge Castle and went ahead. Upon arrival he saw that the drawbridge was down, as if someone was waiting for him.

Under the horse and walk along the animal taking him the reins. When he entered he saw everyone lying on the stairs, in the hallways, in the patio and thought horrified that they were all dead, but it was slowly approaching to them and failed to check that everyone was deeply asleep. Awake! Awake!, he shouted again and again, but no one answered him. More surprised, income in the interior of the Castle until he came to the room where rested the Princess Aurora. For a long while he contemplated the serene face of the beautiful young woman who slept filled with peace.

Then he felt born in your heart the love that had always hoped. Excited, he approached her, took his hand and gently kissed her. With that kiss the Princess is yawned and opened his eyes, awakening from its long sleep and to see the Prince, muttered: ye have finally arrived! In my only dreams expected this time. The evil spell was broken. The Princess stood up and extended his hand to the Prince. At the same time everyone in the Castle woke up. Everyone stood, looked surprised and wondered what it was that had happened. When they realized, full of joy ran next to the a princess who was more beautiful and happier than ever. Shortly after, the castle which had been so long immersed in silence, recover joy. He filled music and laughter, because all were prepared for the wedding of Aurora and Prince.

The Leader

The given word is sacred: be faithful to her. 6 Belonging to a group is identified with its organizational culture, aligning its principles. 7 Commitment means loyalty and is for everyone. The union makes the force. 8. Promote a good working environment is a manifestation of loyalty.

9 Speak directly and clearly, do it as they would like as they did with you. 10 Must find and know the permanent virtues of the people with whom we live. In conclusion is very valid when it is said that loyalty is a value that we must develop within us and be aware of what we do and say. It is a match, an obligation that you have with others. It is a commitment of defend what we believe; and in whom we believe, if we are not meeting properly, we were alone. When we are loyal, we were able to bring friendship and any relationship to something serious and deep.

Don’t forget as, points out loyalty means loyalty, frankness, nobility, honesty, sincerity and righteousness. Is it is only fair if he is faithful. It is impossible to think about loyalty without that go together with fidelity. But it is not enough to be faithful to be loyal. It is necessary, moreover, to be frank and sincere with the subject of our loyalty. Then, it is only loyal who, besides being true, is frank and sincere. Serve with loyalty means to also serve frankness, sincerity and honesty. It is to serve the truth ahead. It is not fair if he cheats, if not telling the truth or tell only half-truths or says what the leader like, what they want to hear; If situations and facts hide him regardless of the motivations that have form how this world would be when people are identified and practice loyalty, befits us each practice it and ensure that the behavior in humans is very different to that currently occurs.

Internet Product

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