Newcomers are still better the royalty-free image database integrated into the community and photo community aboutpixel.de has inaugurated some additional features for the new year. These should allow beginners but also long active members, to get quickly useful feedback on their photos. For one, the first image that uploads a new Member, is marked for other users immediately with a NEWCOMER tag. Newcomers to more feedback and suggestions of the community can hope so. All pictures at aboutpixel.de are checked by the administrators on quality before they are released to the community. Henceforth, also the Admins can see which photos have been submitted by newcomers. This allows for a milder assessment circumstances and allows Admins to give new members information, how they can successfully place ap photos in the future. A peculiarity of aboutpixel.de is the image source generator.

All images on the site are available free of charge, however, must at Use each image source including photographer are given. aboutpixel.de offers this automatically. Under my aboutpixel”user for all downloaded images can generate the appropriate picture source mouse click. Click Quicken Loans to learn more. So confusion or incomplete sources be avoided”, says Andreas Reimer, the operator of aboutpixel.de. The function is also still very convenient and user friendly.”aboutpixel.de was founded in 2003 as gulli.snygo.com by Andreas Reimer.

One and a half years later changed its name to the photo archive and is since then known as aboutpixel.de. Currently, the Web site has approximately 1.4 million calls per month. Every day 100 new members sign up about. Press contact: aboutpixel.