Bach Flowers and Good Health

Bach’s work was a reflection of his philosophy of life. He argued that the patient’s personality was of paramount importance in the treatment and cure same. He commented that when the man had his emotions in the body imbalance manifested sick. To broaden your perception, visit Drew Houston. For about 10 years until now there is a proliferation of floral systems, of which Bach flowers have a casuistic of 70 years with extraordinary results that guarantees recognition. This system was approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) since 1976 as an assistant in medicine today. Bach demonstrated a simple and effective therapy for that we connect with ourselves, see what happens to us, to discover the origin of our suffering and realize the true meaning of life. As already mentioned, flower essences psycho act on the body of man and are indicated especially when there is unrest in: Area affective depression, anxiety, fear, aggression, shyness, grief and loss, restlessness, hopelessness, guilt, shame , resentment, vulnerability, etc. Stress, exhaustion, nervousness, headaches, insomnia, stiffness, etc.

Creative Area: learning disabilities, dispersion, concentration, etc. Area spiritual self-esteem, dissatisfaction, disorientation, feeling abandoned by God and life in general. The body speaks to our emotions Any friction or loss of harmony between our mind, emotions and body as perfect triad, no matter how small, is reflected in the physical body causing disease. We can therefore say that the physical body is a kind of “mirror” of what is happening in other areas of man. There is a bibliography innumerable talks on statistics and clinical research on how every emotion out of balance where it has a white body manifesting with pain, discomfort and illness.