Banco Santander

The doubts of markets on the U.S. and European economy return to pass bill to Spain. The Ibex-35 dropped 0.85% closing. The Spanish stock market lived on another black day Tuesday. The Ibex-35, main gauge of the Spanish stock market, dropped 0.85%, registering an annual minimum of 9.037,7 points, saving the psychological barrier of 9,000 points. The accumulated losses of the current financial year amounted to 8.33%.

The risk premium has closed at 385 basis points after reaching a record 407 today. After the minimum of this Tuesday, when the Ibex-35 lost 2.18% after mark 9,100 points, a level unknown since more than one year ago, the Spanish market reopened in negative and was on the verge of losing the support of 9,200 points, at a time that the risk premium on Spanish BATEA his umpteenth record since the creation of the euro and came to 407 basis points. Mistrust in EE UU the distrust of investors towards the economy American and European, zeal speculator one part of them and the harassment and demolition which are suffering countries called peripherals, measured all with the same brush despite the large differences that show their data macro, are the main causes of this new crisis in the markets. In Europe, with the euro to 1.43 dollars, the main squares fell before the national closing: London, 2.3 percent; Paris, 1.65 percent; Milan, 1.5 percent; Frankfurt, 1.05 percent and the Euro Stoxx 50 index, 0.7 per cent. Of the great values of the Spanish market fell Repsol, 1.44 percent; Banco Santander, the 1.22 percent and BBVA, 0.82 percent. Big falls in the banks has been offset by the flat closure of Telefonica and the positive results of 0,2% of Iberdrola. Source of the news: the risk premium yields after reaching a new all-time high at 407 points