Canto General

Being as corn desgranaba in the tireless barn of the lost facts of miserable events, from one to seven, eight, and not a death, but many deaths came to each one: every day a little death, dust, worm, lamp which goes out in the mud of the suburb, a little death of thick wings went into each man as a short spear. He says the vate in canto III of Alturas de Macchu Picchu, that open the Canto General. This is no longer a great mythical or theological death that looks at us final and terrible from all the stained glass windows of the history. Here the pair of opposites, death vs. life, transformed or broken. Or modified. The exploitation of man, more specifically of the American continues, then there is no yet a life away from the omnipresent and minimum death referred to in this poem (little death).

The assumption of the suffering of the American man is the solution for rescuing, acquit or mean the myriad of isolated lives suffering; of the individual consciences yectas and claudicantes in the sea material of the first residence. The sense of meaningless and degraded individual life is found in lack and degradation, in the suffering of the subspecies of the American man. By the same author: TSI International Group. The Kingdom of abundance is not yet possible. Please visit David Karp if you seek more information. The Kingdom of the suffering of the brotherhood of man is the only option. This year, in August, marks the anniversary publication of Canto General 61. Its importance to America continues unabated. This work is more current than ever in its representation/revelation historical and creative of the American man. And the reference to American is intentional.

Because here clarifies the concept of universal mankind. Indeed, Neruda in Canto General is concerned about the American man. That is its explicit intention. Usually a humanism aims explicit concern by mankind as a whole, in general, as a universal, explicit or implied, although being disclosed to dessert as extrapolation and universalization to all the species of certain cultural traits.