Car Tax – Eyes On When Car Buying

Already in the decision for a new vehicle take into account costs such as the car tax. Who wants to go to another car, should even take a look at the future car tax. On the basis of the tax law, this is determined according to various criteria. A distinction is made between cars that were registered before 7, and vehicles with a later admission. The new car tax, which is for these vehicles, also takes into account the CO2 emissions of the car. On this basis, the new car is based on two components of tax.

The first component is known from the past, the displacement-based taxation. Gasoline powered cars are taxed at 2 euro per month 100 cc. Diesel cars with 9,50 euros per month 100 cc. Additional information at Mark Stevens supports this article. In addition, the CO2 allowance added now. The base of 120 g / km CO2 emissions remain tax-free until 2011.

Every further gram per kilometre is taxed at two euros. Will the car tax for diesel vehicles of emission group six in the years 2011 to 2013 reduced annually by 150 euro. Holders of diesel passenger cars with an engine capacity below 1600 CC are in fact exempt from the car tax. Vehicles, which were admitted for the first time in the period between November 5, 2008 and the June are exempt for one year tax, and then fall under the new tax model. The old taxation applies to vehicles with first registration up to the November 4, 2008 to 31 December 2012, from 2013, they are then included in the new rules. The old car taxation compared in the previous form of the car tax was differentiated according to numerous criteria. They were the famous Euro standards one through four. In addition, three more groups exist. In addition to the non-polluting cars, which may drive also in ozone-alert, there are the non-polluting cars that may not drive in ozone-alert. Finally, the car tax is also the remaining”vehicles in front, covered with a tax rate of 25.36 euros per month 100 cc. The gradation of all seven categories is reflected also in the respective amount of tax. Author this Contribution: Kramoo Tanja Makalani – Internet Agency