Catalan Language

Currently on immersion language immersion courses are heavily used by the academies and institutes teaching English worldwide. Yde But it is language immersion? It means language immersion, teaching a second language (not maternal) where some or all subjects of school curricula in a language learning is not natural for students. It is for this reason that the ultimate goal of language immersion courses is that students are competent in both languages, ie the aim is to be bilingual. In this way, and through this methodology in the classroom creates a climate of acquisition, in which the second language is used communicatively in academic-type activities, continuously practicing language skills in various texts, articles, and current .

The term immersion born in the 60s in Canada naming language courses in which a group of students are educated in learning French, the language used in the social minority. In other countries, which include Spain, these courses are now part of the national government’s language policy in order to preserve a minority language, as is the case of Catalan, Euskera and Galician. Thus, from its origin as at present, in a program oriented language immersion, the background behind the idea that student’s native language is sufficiently settled out of school and your teaching. Do not confuse a language immersion program with a program of submersion, where it ignores or omits the language of the child and only in this case, you offer students courses in second language booster, as is the case of students immigrants.